I want to read more. On this page I will share all the books I have finished with a short review and some information about the different titles. I am also open for any recommendations. And I also have a Goodreads profile where you can follow my progress.


Goal: 20 books

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore
ISBN: 1782392335| Genre: Fiction, Mystery | Rating: ★★★★✰

My first novel of the year (and the first one in ages) and I finished the book in one sitting. There couldn't have been a more suitable one for me right now: a book about books and the influence of technology with a pinch of "mystery", nerd humor and a lot of Google.

Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives
ISBN: 1847674275| Genre: Fiction, Short Stories | Rating: ★★★★✭

My first fiction book of the year and it is such a good one. In Sum, David Eagleman writes over 40 possible scenarios for"something" after death. Almost every story had something fascinating about it. And some of the stories would have been really good Black Mirror episodes.

The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less
ISBN: 0062449923| Genre: Nonfiction, Psychology | Rating: ★★★✰✰

Maybe it's because I've only recently read Money and Sense or maybe Schwartz repeats himself a lot, but at times it seemed to me as if I'd read it all before. There were some pearls hidden here and there and in the vacuum it's a good book. But it was a bit too repetitive. But nothing bad in itself, repetition strengthens knowledge. Or something like this.

Night School: The Life-Changing Science of Sleep
ISBN: 1447264835| Genre: Nonfiction, Health | Rating: ★★★★★

Okay, this book has fascinated me to the very end. I am very interested in sleep and have always been a great fan of power naps. In Night School, the author talks for a long time about the advantages of good sleep and how dreams can be used to improve one's"waking life". After 100 pages I started to go to bed much earlier. Great book, important subject! Bye, I'm napping.

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google
ISBN: 0593077903| Genre: Nonfiction, Tech | Rating: ★✭✰✰✰

Actually, The Four doesn't really tell anything new, especially not to geeks who are already heavily involved with Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. The book explains in the mediocre first part how the four companies became successful - even though Galloway wrote more about the New York Times than about Google (he was on the board of directors of the NYT). The second part, on the other hand, didn't really matter. Galloway explains here how you can learn from the Four to become successful yourself. But what bothered me was this feeling that the guy was too involved and because he wasn't (is?) taken seriously, wrote this book. And wanted to make a name for himself. Over and over again. Like he's afraid no one's paying attention. Fun Fact: He writes in the book that this is in fact his greatest fear.

Dollars and Sense
ISBN: 0062699563 | Genre: Nonfiction, Economy | Rating: ★★★★✰

One sentence stuck in my mind while reading, summarizes my opinion about Dollars and Sense pretty well: The book is great, but an asshole. It made me very aware of all my incompetence and irrationality regarding money. It may be time to reconsider my relationship with the mammon.

How Not To Die
ISBN: 1509852506 | Genre: Nonfiction, Health | Rating: ★★★★✭

Okay, the book is targeted mroe towards Americans who, if you believe the author, don't even know what vegetables look like. Also the book is probably less meant for me, as I already live vegan. I still liked it though. Above all, I now know what happens when you suffer from Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. And to what extent nutrition can reduce the risk of contracting various diseases. And although I am always a little cautious when studies are cited, How Not To Die is the best I have ever read about nutrition.


Daily Ritual
ISBN: 1447271475 | Genre: Nonfiction, Biography | Rating: ★★✭✰✰

I like all the insider stories, but in the end the book only showed me how important it is to have a routine. And to drink a lot and take drugs. But I might skip that one.

Born To Run
ISBN: 1861978774 | Genre: Nonfiction, Health | Rating: ★★✭✰✰

It took me a while to warm up with the book. The beginning was a bit long and I didn't really find the story of this Tarahumara race exciting. What I liked better, however, were the descriptions of why man should be running. Thanks to this book I learned how to do it properly. I really did not go running more often though.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
ISBN: 0751565350 | Genre: Fiction, Phantasy | Rating: ★✰✰✰✰

Whoa, where do I start? I didn't like The Cursed Child at all. I have no problem with the fact that the book is actually just a script. It's more the content that bothers me. The book reads like a bit better written fan fiction. Why are already finished stories taken up again? Why is it thought that after all these years Voldemort has an interest in human desires? And have the authors really forgotten what the seventh book is about?

ISBN: 0099477777 | Genre: Fiction, Philosophy | Rating: ★★★★✰

I think Aldous Huxley has the potential to be my new favorite author. At least after reading Island I am very interested in learning what else he has written. All the ideas that went into this book may have changed my worldview a little. Combining elements from Buddhism and modern science. Could work!

ISBN: 3518366823 | Genre: Fiction, Philosophy | Rating: ★★★✭✰

The first German book in years. Siddharta is one of those works I would have liked to have read (and understood) as a young person in order to incorporate some of the principles into my everyday life. At least now I have time to absorb some of the wisdom. By the way, I find it extremely interesting that Hesse created a better Buddha than the historical Buddha.

Choose Yourself
ISBN: 1490313370 | Genre: Nonfiction, Job | Rating: ★★✰✰✰

The idea of Choose Yourself is clear: The industrial revolution is over, we are all just gears in one huge machine and can be replaced at will. We have to do something about it, invest in ourselves and at best follow Altuchers advice. I found some passages of this book worth reading. In general, however, the reading bored me. I had a huge break between some chapters. And I am a bingereader.

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PPS: The (beautiful) Japanese word "Tsundoku" (積ん読) means acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without ever touching them again.