Tapbots launched Tweetbot 6 and moved the app to a subscription model. I subscribed.

Twitter is the one social media platform that doesn't bore me. This is due to how I use it. I follow only people I care about, I have disabled retweets for most people and muted many different topics. There's close to no chance that anything that I don't want to see gets through. Why I prefer Tweetbot, it lets you do that.

I gave the original Twitter-app a try for a while. But the number of random ads, weird suggestions and pings left and right are too annoying. It tries to force me to use Twitter in a different way than I want to use it. So back to Tweetbot.

Unfortunately, Tapbots are dependant on Twitter. Nick Heer explains it best:

Tapbots' ability to update Tweetbot is, alas, limited by how fast Twitter builds out its new, more developer-friendly API. For example, while you can now view polls in Tweetbot, you cannot vote in them; it will prompt you to open the poll in the Twitter app if you try. [...] That is perhaps the hardest sell for Tweetbot. Your subscription fee is paying for Tapbots to translate Twitter's API into a really nice app experience, but whatever work they can do is limited by what Twitter makes available to them.

Yet, I still think the experience is superior. I hope Twitter gives them access to some new, fancy shit!

Sony has today announced its most advanced mirrorless camera yet: the $6,500 Alpha 1 features a new 50.1-megapixel full-frame sensor, is capable of continuous photo shooting at 30 images per second, and can record 8K video at 30fps.

What a fucking beast! It's not what I want; I am still waiting for the A7 IV but holy shit. The price too, holy shit! Can't wait to see what it'll be in euros. I'm taking bets for around 8000€.

I consider myself a man of science™. I mostly try to link my beliefs to scientific studies if possible. Not always easy, but I try my best. The linked website summarizes recent findings in a few sentences and then links to the original study. Great website, we all should subscribe to it.

Also, a little side note: This is the second URL I linked to today that I got via Sidekick. Sidekick is a newsletter from the people at The Morning Brew that I deeply enjoy. Sign up for both. Worth your time. Better than reading news through Facebook or Twitter.

Fantastic tool. Paste a recipe-URL, get the recipe without the bullshit. No life stories, no popups, no "please subscribe to my newsletter, my family needs the ad-money to buy that third Tesla".

I sincerely hate the life story part of most recipe blogposts. I understand why people do them. They somehow have to differentiate from that other website where they stole the recipe from. But uuuuuuugh! If I want to know how to cook Pho, I don't want to fucking know how you had your first taste of Pho in that one tiny restaurant managed by an older couple you found by chance while walking through that one city you were visiting. Show me the fucking recipe!!!

Also, talking about recipes and raging: Why does Duckduckgo default to recipes from Yummly? A weird website with a shitty UX.

via Sidekick

I've finished my third book of the year and started reading book #4 and #5. Technically number 6 too, but it's an ebook on the iPad: "Of Wolves and Men" by Barry Lopez. Difficult to add it to this picture.

While reading the previous three books, I realised that I have to read multiple books at once. Otherwise a book will bore me even though I like the content. I need to force myself to finish. Because I want to finish. But I also want to start something else. But maybe finish this one first. Argh!

Reading multiple books simultaneously helps a lot. It gives me the chance to jump to something else as soon as this boredom comes up again. And then when the alternative bores me, back to the other one.

Some of you might say I should work on my patience. I meditate so I'm ahead of you, thanks! But I don't apply patience to books though. Too much good stuff to read, not enough time.

On Monday, the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account posted a lore teaser that sets up a new kind of mission in-game ... and hints at the possible arrival of a longtime lore enemy that could really shake the seas up.

The aforementioned tweet. I'm a big fan of Sea of Thieves. I've been streaming it1 with my man MrArtilli and Zodiac (who I can't link to).

I'm hyped — a lot. Since Arti joined our team, we know what we're supposed to do. We even managed to kill the Kraken once, kill a few megalodons and get dirty rich.

  1. You might be wondering when my streaming-times are. Well, no clue. I stream when I feel like it. Stopped doing it regularly, because it took the fun out of it. Maybe more on that in another blogpost. 

Remember how I said that one one of my luxuries is my monthly Coffeevine shipment?

The January shipment arrived, and not a moment too late. I used up my last beans a second ago.

MeetingBar is a macOS menu bar app for your calendar meetings.
Integrated with Google Meet and Zoom so you can quickly join meetings from event or create ad hoc meeting.

Cute little app. Technically Fantastical does the same thing, but Fantastical needs a monthly subscription.

I have way too many meetings in a day.

“As part of this agreement,” Cheng wrote, “Klei retains full autonomy of creative and operations across all aspects of the studio, including projects, talent, and more.” Cheng cited “a changing industry” as a major factor in his decision.

I love Don't Starve, fantastic game. I own it on every platform I play on. I even own figurines.

Don't Starve Together is, however, still on my bucket list of shame. If anyone wants to play with me ping me.

Tencent, by the way, is huuuuuuge:

This is far from the first time that Tencent, the world’s largest distributor of video games, has made an investment in Western developers and publishers. The massive Chinese company owns Riot Games (League of Legends), and has investments in Epic Games (Fortnite), Activision Blizzard (Call of Duty, World of Warcraft), Paradox Interactive, Roblox, and many others.

I like Cyberpunk 2077. But I can't get over 40fps on 1440p and lower settings.

I hoped this update would somehow optimize the game on my PC, but I guess I need a better PC for that. Maybe I have to look at the Stadia-version?

I'll stick to Skyrim for now.