Nothing says clear-mindedness like having to constantly polish a $96 brass ladle.

This blog post made me laugh so hard. Definitely sparked joy! Also:

Minimalism and mindful living often feel like they’re just a new marketing message for even more consumerism.

Lightroom’s Tom Hogarty shares a preview of a new camera-to-tablet workflow that will allow you to seamlessly import photo files directly into Lightroom on your iPad, beginning with iOS 13.2. Keep an eye out for this update coming soon to Lightroom.

I know, you are all hyped because of the new MacBook Pro. But while I think that it's one heck of a device, I am still more interested to replace my iPad Pro with a new model.

You see, for me, the iPad Pro is the perfect everyday machine. My Mac is a beast, I use it at work, it's where I learn pen-testing, edit videos, do data science and all that. But when I'm on the go, or at home sitting on the couch, I prefer my iPad.

So stuff like what Adobe has announced is great. I hated having my shitty RAWs in my camera roll.

They really did a 180 on that one. And now I'm even interested in watching that movie.

I did some 3D-animation for three years back in high school. I really would like to know how difficult it was for them to replace the model and how many of the animations had to be completely redone. The skeleton should be the same, so they should have been able to recycle most of the animations in the end.

But holy shit, I didn't know Jim Carrey was in that one!!!

I've only been doing Data Science for a short time, so I don't really know if this website is well known or not. If it isn't, consider this an insider's tip.

Learned some things while looking for a solution to a problem I had at work. I especially like their series. I still need to go through most of them though.

Master is back! (I fucking love this show.)

I will say, however, that I’ve been having a hard time switching back to thinking about Analog Senses as a hobby. Because of my past efforts, I feel a sense of responsibility towards my readers, if they are even still out there. That makes me hesitate before posting a silly article about whatever may be crossing my mind. I want to maintain the standards I set for myself a few years ago, and so I feel that if I’m not adding value to the conversation, I may as well not say anything. That’s a noble goal, but it sucks all the fun out of writing.

I've been writing on websites for the past 15 years if I remember correctly. I had some weird blogs on weird platforms that don't exist anymore until, in 2008, I started writing on Later, when I rebranded it to, it became my full-time hobby first then my full-time blog later for a couple of years. I ran two additional blogs and a podcast too.

Fast forward to today, and is nothing but a mere hobby. One that I love at that. I love tweaking the design, linking to exciting shit I find online, and publishing my opinions from time to time.

But I can't get rid of the feeling Álvaro shares in his blog post. I sometimes still see this as some fulltime job, thinking about content plans, editorial schedules, shitty first drafts, monetization methods. And all of this makes me not want to publish anything at all.

The solution to this? I don't know. Probably I have to shut up and write without overthinking it. But if you know me, you know I overthink things quite a bit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What she discovered was that during non-REM sleep, large, slow waves of cerebrospinal fluid were washing over the brain. The EEG readings helped show why. During non-REM sleep, neurons start to synchronize, turning on and off at the same time. Because the neurons had all momentarily stopped firing, they didn’t need as much oxygen. That meant less blood would flow to the brain. But Lewis’s team also observed that cerebrospinal fluid would then rush in, filling in the space left behind.

Just a few days ago I told someone, we didn't know yet how our sleep clean toxins from the brains. And now we know. Fuck yeah, for science!

And in case you don't remember why all this is important:

The study also could have clinical applications for treating Alzheimer’s. Recent attempts at developing medications have targeted beta-amyloid. But drugs that looked promising at first all failed once they got into clinical trials. Instead of trying to act on one particular molecule, new interventions might instead focus on increasing the amount of cerebrospinal fluid that washes over the brain.

I still remember the first time I saw someone order at a coffee shop without removing their AirPods. I’d seen people with regular headphones do this many times before, of course, but they had just seemed obviously rude. Strangely, this person didn’t. He carried himself with a nonchalant ease, his body language reflecting the calm knowledge that his behaviour was not only acceptable but somehow prescient.

I've seen this a lot lately, especially by younger people. They talk to their friends, AirPods still in their ears.

Now with the AirPods Pro and the fantastic transparency mode, this might happen even more. I even catch myself doing it regularly.

From Polygon:

What makes this controller more advanced is the new 8BitDo Ultimate Software. Shown in the video above, this software lets players customize everything about the feel of their controller. Players can even input macros for the controller to execute on a single button press.

Do I need another controller? Of course not! Will it be reason enough not to get one? Of course not!

A recent study out of the University of Kansas found that it takes about 50 hours of socializing to go from acquaintance to casual friend, an additional 40 hours to become a “real” friend, and a total of 200 hours to become a close friend.