overkill is live

Here we are, overkill.wtf has officially launched.

This blog is for you if you're into gaming and especially care about the Steam Deck. On overkill, you'll be able to find guides, reviews, essays and news. If I care about it and it's gaming related, you'll find it on overkill.

overkill.wtf has you covered for all the latest on the Steam Deck. News, in-depth reviews, features, and guides.

I've also been busy. I wrote a whole bunch of blog posts, primarily guides, to have some content when going live. I will, of course, continue writing and hope to be able to publish a few times per week. I have some series planned I am working on, so follow along if you care.

You can do so via RSS, follow the blog on Twitter, or sign up for the newsletter (or, preferably, do all of the above).

Talking of the newsletter: It will go live in the future and be a week's recap. So, if you're busy, that's what you want to look for. I'm also planning to launch a podcast, but that's for later.

Launching this blog has been fun, and I hope you'll have as much fun reading it. Also, if you know anyone who is into gaming, please forward them to that website. It helps out a lot!

Thanks for following my whacky experiments.

And we moved

I have moved servers. I announced it two days ago on the blog — the post has been since deleted – believing I would end up frying my website, but nope. Everything went smoothly. It was super easy, barely an inconvenience (this link might have spoilers for some movies you haven't watched yet).

I am astonished by the simplicity of the whole endeavour and am now wondering why I haven't done so before. I moved away from the much more expensive Ghost(Pro) solution (31 eurodollars per month!!) to a self-hosted Digitalocean server ($6 a month; also, that link gives you $100 credit when signing up). I don't know what to do with this newfound richness.

Not everything worked flawlessly, however. I can't seem to change the email address the newsletter is sent from. And when importing all my subscribers to the backend, I lost a bunch. Everyone who signed up for the Tsundoku-newsletter or the "get all blogpost" newsletter has been lost. Nothing I can do.

But if you want to sign up again, click the button below and toggle whatever you wish to. You can use this too to unsubscribe if you don't care about this anymore.

Also, I am working on something new.

Yes, I can't stop. I must constantly move forward and try new things, or I will die of boredom. Probably. I don't want to find out.

I am relaunching overkill.wtf as a gaming website, written by yours truly with my usual sass and idiosyncrasy. I will primarily focus on the Steam Deck, with a hint of Switch, PC gaming and whatever else I find interesting at that moment. But mostly Steam Deck.

I firmly believe the Steam Deck will be the future of gaming. Or at least that type of platform: a small handheld PC capable of playing most games at a decent quality paired with off-site streaming solutions a la Game Pass Cloud or GeForce Now.

Some interesting contenders, be it the Ayaneo Air or the Ayn Odin, are on the market, and the tech keeps moving forward. Also, I can't shake off the feeling that we might see an Xbox Portable soon.

I want to be onboard this ship. And share the fascination and the love I have for this market. So overkill.wtf will go live soon. I have some behind-the-scenes changes I need to adapt before formally launching it, but for now, you can subscribe via RSS or newsletter.

Also, if anyone wants to be part of the journey, hit me up. I am looking for co-bloggers.

I want a new camera

I've been wondering if I should get a new camera. Not to replace my beloved Leica Q2 (who the hell would do that?) but to complement it, to have something whenever I feel too limited by the Q2's 28mm focal length.

I want to get something with changeable lenses. (You can't change the lens of the Q2 if you didn't know. This is part of its charm.) I mainly want lenses for product/still photography and portraits. So I guess around 50mm and 85mm — or whatever their equivalent is on a non-full-frame sensor.

But what camera I should get is the tricky part. I used to have a Sony a7 II with a bunch of lenses but hated using that camera. It took great shots, but the experience was... boring. It was tedious, it wasn't fun.

The Leica is fun. Using it makes me happy. But it's also expensive as hell. No way I can afford a Leica SL2 or M11.

My current choice is to get a Fuji X-T4. Or rather an X-T5, whenever that one gets released. After all, I have to budget this first, and it'll take a while until I have the money.

Though that X-Pro3 looks intriguing, too.

I signed up for Glass

I signed up for an account over at Glass, and this is where I will post my pictures in the future.

Kevin Wammer on Glass
A guy with too many interests. From Luxembourg. Half-Italian. Trying to figure out how to take pictures using a Leica Q2.

I explained in the last email for my pop-up newsletter project why:

I dislike having to do something daily. TTLG confirmed this for me. I need novelty to function at my best (which is why most jobs bore me, but that’s another topic). I much rather only take shots a few times per week, or maybe per month, whenever I go out to do something. July was a slow month, but for my stay in France.

But not all was lost with this project. I liked editing and curating the shots, and I think I learned a few things and could hone my style a little more.

But no more daily photo newsletters for me. Instead, I decided to sign up for an account at Glass. In the future, I will keep posting my photography there whenever I am happy with a shot. Or two. You get the deal.

You can sign up for Glass (use the offer code PIVOT2VIDEO or use this link to save some money) or follow my photographic endeavours through RSS.

My nutritional and supplement routine

I am the best I’ve ever been, both physically and mentally. I’d say a lot of this is due to my regular gym routine and other habits I’ve adopted in my life (meditation, journaling, reading books but not news, daily walks, etc.)

However, I feel I also look the best. While I still have some remaining belly fat, I’ve melted most of it and started to develop muscles. While also related to the exercise routine, most of it is probably due to my nutrition.

As I’m about to embark on a new supplement routine, I thought I’d document what I take now and how I generally eat.

Before we start: I am not a doctor nor a researcher and generally have no idea what I am doing. Everything I list below, I’ve stolen from somewhere. I also regularly get my blood tested. Don’t copy what I say without doing your due diligence. If you die, don't sue me.


  • A glass of water is the first thing I do. The colder, the better.
  • I don’t eat most mornings. But if I eat, it’s either eggs, skyr or cottage cheese. No carbohydrates in the morning, as I seem to feel more alert skipping them.
  • Athletic Greens AG1 formula. While ridiculously expensive, I seem to have the best experience with this.
  • A Whey protein shake.
  • Coffee, but only 60-90 minutes after waking up. I don’t start my day with coffee for two reasons: I don’t want to be the type of person who says he needs coffee to wake up. And I seem to have less of a crash if I wait before consuming caffeine. I will write about my coffee routine in the future.


  • First authentic meal of the day. If it’s a gym day, I up my carb intake; otherwise, I keep it small and focus on protein and a lot of veggies.
  • Espresso an hour after lunch, and because I like it, I tend to eat a small piece of dark chocolate with my espresso. I stop consuming caffeine at around 2 to 3 pm.


  • A protein shake. I try to eat twice my weight in kilograms in grams of protein when I exercise and at least 1,6 times on other days. The only way I seem to achieve this is to embrace my inner protein shake.
  • L-Carnitine on gym days.
  • Nuts from time to time if I am hungry. I don't like sweet food that much, so I don't really crave sugar.


  • Next big meal of the day. Higher on carbs, especially if it’s a gym day (as I eat after returning from the gym). Primarily still focused on protein and veggies.
  • Skyr to finish it off, and I mix in some whey protein if it’s a gym day.
  • Vitamin D before bed.

Throughout the day:

  • 2-3 litres of water. Stay hydrated.
  • Creatine Monohydrate. I am currently undertaking a loading phase and thus consume 20g of creatine per day for a week. I divide it into four badges of 5g each before switching to a single daily dose of 3g.
  • If it’s a gym day, I mix BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) into the water I drink while exercising and recovering.

That's about it for now. And yes, I know it seems a lot, but all of this is so ingrained into my day that it doesn't pose a problem.

I also don't feel I am restricting my life in any possible way, especially as I have one or two cheat meals per week where I don't care about what I eat. (But I don't overeat because I feel like shit afterwards.)

Some other supplements I'd like to experiment with but have yet to do so are Apigenin, Magnesium L-Threonate and L-Theanine for better sleep, and EPA and DHA (basically fish oil) for multiple reasons. I also have CLA, Glutamine and Vitamine K2 at home but have yet to implement them into my daily routine.

I am a walking pharmacy.

Photo by HowToGym / Unsplash