„Move slowly and fix things“

My 2017 wasn't a particularly exciting year. It had its ups and downs, although in retrospect I think there were more ups but more dominant downs. So the year was ok, nothing special, which I will think about a lot in 30 years.

In the last six months, however, I really realized for the first time how I am moving in the digital world and how little I control it.

Rather, I realized that when I use it, above all unconsciously, I let myself be sprinkled and guided by vibrations, pop-up notifications and red circles on square boxes with rounded corners.

I also noticed for the first time how much of my data really lies in some clouds that I never shared consciously. Data tracked left and right. I read article over article over article, which showed exactly one thing: We no longer have the right to privacy.

By 2018 I want to take this back into my own hands as far as possible. I don't really believe in good intentions for a new year. But this time I have to make an exception. 2018 is something special anyway. After all, January 1st falls on a Monday: new year, new month, new week. It's almost romantic.

That's why I created a bucket list for 2018. It's all about deceleration, with all that that entails.

My list:

  • Clean up social media: Facebook will be removed on all private devices1 and Twitter will be cleaned up - unfollows, blocks and muted keywords.
  • Clean up inboxes and newsfeeds: I still live the tech blogger lifestyle and suffer from FOMO. I have around 800 feed entries every day in my RSS reader. I haven't been tech-blogging since 2016. So: Anything that goes by as a"newsblog" is removed.
  • Eat healthier: I actually started doing this in 2016, when I started eating vegan. But out of habit and laziness I still use vegan"substitute products" and convenience food a little too often.
  • Doing regular sports: Yeah, yeah, I plan it every two weeks. But I just haven't found my sport yet. Maybe I should give gyms a chance after all? Spoiler: nah!
  • Read, read and read somemore: Actually, I thought the Kindle would make me read more. Nope! It's too easy to put it in a pocket and forget it. So I'm buying paper books again. One book a month is the goal. All land on my blog. Of course.
  • Write more: I miss writing since I stopped being a journalist and a tech blogger. But not everything has to be on the blog2, some things can just lie around in some text files and be just for me.
  • Learning new things: When I rewrote my blog template for Kirby, I realized how much I learned and how much I enjoyed it. That's why I want to learn new things this year. I finally want to learn Japanese, program in Python, and being able to play the piano would also be pretty cool.

This deceleration is supposed to make me use my time more consciously. It's not my goal to limit myself in any way. I just don't want to take the iPhone to scroll through Twitter, RSS feeds, mails, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, mails,.....

I want to use my devices and my time more actively. I don't know how much of this I can put into practice and whether I have planned a little too much. But I have a whole year to do it.

I am motivated!

  1. I can't delete my account for professional reasons

  2. Which does not mean that nothing will be on the blog. Quite the opposite.