A new manifesto

I am changing kvn.li. I want to take it from a place where I occasionally publish a long-form piece to a public notepad where I share things I deem worth sharing.

But I am not an anarchist, not even on my playground. Below you will find a sort of manifesto. See it as guiding principles for how I will use this website.

A steadily updated version of this manifesto can be found here.
  1. What I share I share first and foremost for myself
  2. I share what I find interesting and/or want to remember
  3. I share what I don‘t agree with if I can add something to the discussion
  4. What I share I believe to be true at the moment I share it
  5. I do my utmost best to verify what I share to be true
  6. However, I do not hold onto false truths the moment I update my knowledge and learn new facts
  7. In case of doubt, I can probably find the truth in the middle
  8. I do my utmost best to update my knowledge constantly
  9. I will never share anything that I actively know will hurt people
  10. But my goal is not to have everyone agree with what I say
  11. Neither is it my goal to have everyone disagree with what I say
  12. I will not add to drama, rage, or mob-mentality
  13. I will try out new things for the sake of trying
  14. I will not be blocked by self-doubt, or worse, perfection
  15. I will keep an open mind
  16. I don‘t let my ego interfere
  17. I will never stop learning
  18. I will revise this manifesto whenever I see fit