About me


I am Kevin Wammer. I‘ve been blogging for a very long time but most of my websites have ended. Like a good book. The internet should have more endings.

I‘ve been a journalist before and a marketer right now. I still write a lot. Mainly in notebooks, no one will ever see. I occasionally take photos. I read a lot. Like a lot. You can follow my reading habits on here or here.

I am fascinated by food and cooking.

I adore sleep though it took me a whole book to fall in love with it again.

I meditate regularly. A retreat is very high on my bucket list.

I long for silence.

49°55'59.8"N, 6°12'11.8"E

I am trying to decelerate since 2018.

I hate my smart devices yet I also love them. It‘s complicated.

I am intrigued by Japan and its culture. I never visited the place. It‘s even higher on my bucket list.

I am Italian. I am also Luxembourgish. I am 27.

I am very bad at email but you can try.

I love feedback. He!