About Me

I am Kevin. Also known as @cliophate (klaiofate/kleeofate) or clio on the internet.

Hi, it's me!

I do Data-Analysis and Project Development for a newspaper in Luxembourg. Yep, that‘s a real country. No, our streets are not made out of gold. Yes, I have been asked that before.

This website is a representation of my interests. Whatever they currently are. They frequently change, as I probably suffer from some interest-ADHD. I'm like a dog chasing a squirrel. Or a whole family of them.

I want this blog to be some public notepad where I share what I have learned by reading, observing the world, talking to people, and thinking in silence.

Early on in life, I decided my life goal were twofold:

  1. I never want to stop learning.
  2. I don‘t want to learn to amass knowledge and be the best player in Trivial Pursuit but learn how to live a good life.

By writing down what I learn, I can do two things: I will better remember what I have learned by formulating it in my own words. And by sharing it with you, the reader, I hope to teach you a thing or two. And because I want these lessons to be valuable, I have to make sure what I write makes sense. Thus I will learn even more by teaching. Win-win!

I try to live a more or less good life while I can, and everything I learn follows that goal. This is why I care about philosophy, technology, science, human psychology, neuroscience, behavioural science, etc.

These things fascinate me. And in the future, I‘d like to take you on my journey and hopefully share some of my fascinations.

So, to summarise in a sentence what my blog will be about:

„How to be a decent human with a pinch of philosophy and a dab of science.“

I am awful at email, but you can try.

And if you are new here, I created a page for you to find your way around.