I will say, however, that I’ve been having a hard time switching back to thinking about Analog Senses as a hobby. Because of my past efforts, I feel a sense of responsibility towards my readers, if they are even still out there. That makes me hesitate before posting a silly article about whatever may be crossing my mind. I want to maintain the standards I set for myself a few years ago, and so I feel that if I’m not adding value to the conversation, I may as well not say anything. That’s a noble goal, but it sucks all the fun out of writing.

I've been writing on websites for the past 15 years if I remember correctly. I had some weird blogs on weird platforms that don't exist anymore until, in 2008, I started writing on touch-mania.com. Later, when I rebranded it to apfeltech.net, it became my full-time hobby first then my full-time blog later for a couple of years. I ran two additional blogs and a podcast too.

Fast forward to today, and kvn.li is nothing but a mere hobby. One that I love at that. I love tweaking the design, linking to exciting shit I find online, and publishing my opinions from time to time.

But I can't get rid of the feeling Álvaro shares in his blog post. I sometimes still see this as some fulltime job, thinking about content plans, editorial schedules, shitty first drafts, monetization methods. And all of this makes me not want to publish anything at all.

The solution to this? I don't know. Probably I have to shut up and write without overthinking it. But if you know me, you know I overthink things quite a bit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯