And we moved

I have moved servers. I announced it two days ago on the blog — the post has been since deleted – believing I would end up frying my website, but nope. Everything went smoothly. It was super easy, barely an inconvenience (this link might have spoilers for some movies you haven't watched yet).

I am astonished by the simplicity of the whole endeavour and am now wondering why I haven't done so before. I moved away from the much more expensive Ghost(Pro) solution (31 eurodollars per month!!) to a self-hosted Digitalocean server ($6 a month; also, that link gives you $100 credit when signing up). I don't know what to do with this newfound richness.

Not everything worked flawlessly, however. I can't seem to change the email address the newsletter is sent from. And when importing all my subscribers to the backend, I lost a bunch. Everyone who signed up for the Tsundoku-newsletter or the "get all blogpost" newsletter has been lost. Nothing I can do.

But if you want to sign up again, click the button below and toggle whatever you wish to. You can use this too to unsubscribe if you don't care about this anymore.

Also, I am working on something new.

Yes, I can't stop. I must constantly move forward and try new things, or I will die of boredom. Probably. I don't want to find out.

I am relaunching as a gaming website, written by yours truly with my usual sass and idiosyncrasy. I will primarily focus on the Steam Deck, with a hint of Switch, PC gaming and whatever else I find interesting at that moment. But mostly Steam Deck.

I firmly believe the Steam Deck will be the future of gaming. Or at least that type of platform: a small handheld PC capable of playing most games at a decent quality paired with off-site streaming solutions a la Game Pass Cloud or GeForce Now.

Some interesting contenders, be it the Ayaneo Air or the Ayn Odin, are on the market, and the tech keeps moving forward. Also, I can't shake off the feeling that we might see an Xbox Portable soon.

I want to be onboard this ship. And share the fascination and the love I have for this market. So will go live soon. I have some behind-the-scenes changes I need to adapt before formally launching it, but for now, you can subscribe via RSS or newsletter.

Also, if anyone wants to be part of the journey, hit me up. I am looking for co-bloggers.