Ladies and gentlemen, sound the hype-horn. Age of Empires 4 is coming this year.

I loved Age of Empires 2 in my teens (still do today). I like to pretend I got interested in history because of that game. I might even have aced one or two tests thanks to the AoE2-campaigns.

And as it seems, the next instalment will focus way more on teaching history than before.

I'll bet ten eurodollars AoE4 will be a better history teacher than most actual history-teachers — especially if I think back to my school years. They all sucked except for that one guy everyone was scared of for being too strict. But damn, he knew how to teach.1

  1. I find it deeply disheartening how bad teachers can make you hate a field for basically the rest of your life because they were too incompetent to teach the subject properly. I remember my statistics prof telling me to never, ever work in statistics. And now I'm a Data Analyst. So thanks to all those that do a great job! And to my old statistics prof: fuck you!