I’m the first to admit that I lost my way in all of this too. A few years back I realized that that was exactly how I was operating. I started out many years ago sharing personal stories (i.e. mostly rants, I’m angry like that) and working to connect with the folks who were paying attention. Then I started learning about marketing and how content worked, and getting guest columns in bigger publications, and beta access to write on new platforms, and I realized how easy it was to game the system if you understood the system. I learned how to write to get clicks and how to write to see audience growth. I was no longer blogging, I was creating content as a Content Marketer (title case, for importance!).

I love blogging. But I nearly lost my way here too during the last couple of weeks. I suddenly thought I had to act grown up, write things that could be published on Medium. Stuff that *clicks*.

That process, looking for the next big thing, made me miserable.

I work in marketing, and I know how to present and sell content, even using a little cash, to reach a big audience. I also do Data-analysis, so I know how to use Data to find out how to optimize content strategies. But I don’t want to do that here. I don‘t want to over-optimize things to write a viral post.

What I really want is to write on what I care about, linking to what I find interesting, and sharing my thoughts on things. Sometimes these might be long-form articles on my diet or a guide on how to meditate. Sometimes I might rant about an app or link to a Sudoku-video.

Because this is what blogging is all about. A place where I can open up a little to the world (wide web) and share what I care about.