Tsundoku | My Reading List for April and May 2022

Two very slow reading months. So two months in one list.

I'm not really in a reading mood right now. I don't take the time, as currently, I much rather either learn Japanese, some Swift (a new project) or play video games on the Steam Deck.

I only read two books throughout April and May. However, I'm on holiday in a bit over a month and will take the time to get back into the habit. Or at least try to.

Also, I usually use the time commuting to catch up on reading, and it gets me at least two hours per week. But lately, I have had to take the car to work, and I tend to listen to podcasts much more than audiobooks.

So, all in all, lazy months.

Exhalation by Ted Chiang

After Story of Your Life, another collection of Ted Chiang short stories. Not as good as the first one, but still a great read. I want more. But there is no other collection out yet. If anyone can recommend some more science fiction on par with Ted Chiang, I'd be more than happy!


Ted Chiang


Stolen Focus by Johann Hari

A great book! Not everything in here was new to me, but it is still a book I believe everyone should read. While the book focuses on attention, it is about so much more. It's basically a "what is wrong with society, using focus as a case study ". Turns out, a lot.

Stolen Focus

Johann Hari

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