There are four chronotypes, and each is unique to your sleep patterns. Sometimes life can get so busy that you forget to prioritize sleep, but productivity experts will tell you that 8 hours of sleep is the best thing you can do for your work and for yourself. The secret to finding your focus is tailoring your sleep cycle to a specific chronotype; your sleep schedule should be a reflection of you — nobody else.

I've never heard of these four chronotypes before and until recently only knew of larks and owls.

I am very much a night owl. The older I am, the more obvious it gets, even though every book on this matter tells you that you move more and more into "larkism" with age. But currently, I seem to remain a night owl. An annoying issue if the world is biased towards larks.

My issue with being a night owl is that everyone will tell you to sleep late and wake late. But that's not possible if you try to be a social being living in a pro-lark world. I still have to be at work around 8 am.

These new chronotypes seem to take this into account, though. As a wolf-chronotype, I should try to sleep between midnight and 7:30 am. Fun fact: I go to sleep at 11:30 pm, and my alarm rings (for the first time) at 7:30 am.