Week in review: CW13

I read a lot during a random week. Mostly books but also blog posts and articles I find during the days. Some of them are a waste of time. Others are meaningful enough to share them.

From now on, I will share these once a week in this kind off round-up.

It will be a mix of things I find interesting enough to share with the occasional behind the scenes of my life. This is basically "social media on steroids" regrouped into one post. Not everything is new, some things I might have published already, others are not interesting to you at all. That's just the way the cookie crumbles, dear.

When will I publish these? I try to be consistent and post them on Tuesdays — enough time to catch up on weekends and write on Mondays. But the lazy bitch I am, let's hope it'll work out. 1

And that's enough for the introduction. Here we go for the first week.

Before we start: The world currently only seems to talk about one thing — and justifiably so. But the world keeps turning regardless, so I try to keep the Covid-19-news to a minimum. First, because I try not to read all the Corona-news all the time, and because I am not a scientist so I can't correctly separate bullshit from actual, meaningful information.

The only thing I want to share today?
How to wash your hands.
And why it is important to do it correctly.


How to Fit Your Blog With the Rest of Your Life

Because here's the thing: To grow a blog, you need to work on it regularly. There's no other way it'll happen. And to find the time to work on your blog, you need to understand where it fits with other commitments.

Alternative title: How to fit your hobbies with the rest of your life.

I'm trying to focus more on my blog again and, to be honest, this Covid-induced home-office helps a lot. I gain around two hours per day by not having to commute — enough time to work on side-gigs.

The blogpost over there explains how to fit a blog, and every other side-gig, into your life.

Codecademy Data Science Path

I am also using the period to up my Python/Data Science skills right now and resubscribed to Codecademy Pro. I don't know if it's the best way to learn, but it's at least a fun way. I'm doing the Data Science Path.

YouTube Learning

Speaking of learning. YouTube curates a learning channel.

Learn to meditate

Most of us spend our entire lives walking around thinking we are our thoughts. When you learn to meditate, you learn to discover the you behind the thinker. You learn to notice the incessant thinking that goes on in your head. And you learn, in the process, that if you can sit back and observe your thoughts, then your thoughts are not you, and therefore you don't always need to be yanked around (like a fool, I must add) by them.

I should probably write a guide on how I meditate. It might be the single most important thing I do (nearly) every day. Let me tease part of it though: the biggest life-hack I learned for meditation might be this.

By the way: There is a free online retreat starting tomorrow for a couple of days held by teachers of Plum Village, the meditation centre founded by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Currently reading

I am currently reading Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday. I read that book a few years ago before I did the whole commonplace book stuff. I also reread The Obstacle Is The Way by Holiday this month — which is the better book for the current circumstances.

Of note

My off-time is all about one thing right now: Animal Crossing - New Horizon. It's the first AC I play, and this game is fucking gorgeous. I might not have done anything else during the weekend. And I might not be doing anything else during the next few evenings. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On blog-related notes: I installed Fathom Analytics. I hate tracking, and I personally block all trackers, so I made sure to find a very privacy-conscious solution. I don't know WHO is reading my site and I don't care. I only see WHAT you are doing and what country you're from. And as long as you don't found your own country with a population of one, I won't be able to figure out who you are.

If you don't believe me, read their privacy policy. And if you want to give it a try, use this referral link. You get a discount too. Win-win!

And finally:

Of course, I did! And I'm excited by the trackpad-keyboard-thing. But what a fucking dick-move to announce it and not release it until fucking May.

What am I supposed to do until then? Use my fingers?! 2

  1. I nearly forgot to hit publish today. 

  2. I am seriously considering getting a Magic Trackpad and using my iPad like a... mini-iMac? A MINIMAC!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA)