Week in Review: CW16


iPad Main Menu — iPadOS 14 Concept

I usually hate concepts. Especially iOS-concepts. Most of them are pretty but would never work in real life.

But this one? It's actually good. Even Marcel says so, and he is the best designer I know. (I don't know that many designers personally.)

Keychain Touch Tool

I wanted to hate this so bad, but it's not a stupid idea. Brass is also an antibacterial material. Also bottle-opener. To add to your EDC.

Public iCloud Drive file

The only problem with this: People have to sign in to iCloud to view the files. A stupid limitation which will hinder people from replacing Dropbox with iCloud.

Airbnb Launches Virtual Online Experiences on Zoom Amid Coronavirus

This was a weird one. First Om Malik wrote:

In other words, Airbnb should be using its enormous resources to transform itself into a company that is no longer just about in real life. Its treasure trove of data should allow them to offer up their tasteful version of Travel TV or Food Network. How about an Airbnb version of MasterClass featuring artisans and artists elsewhere around the planet?

A few days after that, Airbnb launched its Online Experiences.

I think it'll fail in the long run. So does Ben Brooks (paywall, sorry):

But I think it will fail, because it is great for now when we are stuck at home, but no one wants this once we can head back out and explore the world. Nor should we want this. Airbnb has always had a tenuous business, and I suspect none of this changes that. Also, there's YouTube which I don't know, seems more popular.


Of note

I might have been on a not-so-legal-website during the weekend with my iPhone. Came to it from Reddit. It was similar to that pirate one. This one, however, had more ads than Time Square. The aggressive ones. The ones that force you to click because there is no exit button. And so I did. Basically installed a virus.[^ I know it's technically not a virus, but I really don't want to get into the finer details of malware, trojans, viruses and so on.] Didn't pay attention, didn't close Safari. Well, fuck me!

What ended happening was me allowing a roque account install itself on my iPhone and spamming my calendar with random entries.

If you ever have a similar problem to this, you can delete it from iOS Settings > Passwords & Accounts. You're welcome!

Currently reading

Still reading Anansi Boys and The 4 Pillar Plan. Didn't read that much on the weekend.

But I might have found a way to share my reading notes on here. To be continued...