A perfect day in a perfect world

During one session with my coach (more on that later), she asked me to brainstorm my perfect day: What would my days look like if I had complete control over my time?

I don't think I'd be sitting on a beach all day long, sipping cocktails and watching... birds. I don't even like the sun that much, nor cocktails. Or birds, for that matter. I would probably get bored immediately.

So, this blog post is rather what a perfect workday would look like. Then again, if I manage to have such a day, I believe every day could be a workday as the whole work/life balance is deeply ingrained in it. I firmly believe that I don't ever really want to retire either.

So, now follows my perfect day in a perfect world:

9 AM: Wake Up — I am not a morning person. I have a theory currently that whenever I have to wake up early, no matter how many hours I sleep, I get a headache. In this perfect world, I would never wake up before 9 AM anymore. Except to maybe catch a plane. Also, a personal rule of mine is "Always snooze once, never twice." It weakens the fight-and-flight response of an alarm clock without me risking to oversleep.

9.30 AM: Walk — After taking a shower and getting ready for the day, I'll grab my backpack and my dog and ruck for at least 30 minutes. No smartphone, no headphones, and it doesn't matter if it rains, snows, or it's 40º C outside.

10 AM: B&B, Breakfast and Books — I am not much of a breakfast person, but I love my morning cup of coffee. It's part of my morning ritual to grind the beans by hand and either do a pour-over or pull a shot of espresso. Meanwhile, I'd read a book for an hour or so and write in my journal. This would be the first time I touched my smartphone but only to text humans: no timelines, no emails, no comments, no stats.

11 AM: Write — For the next 2ish hours, I'd work on whatever writing I am currently working on. I'd try to work for two hours straight with your occasional break. My brain needs a lot of time to get into a concentrated writing mood, so the first 30 minutes or so will probably be lost on mind wandering.

1 PM: Eat (and nap) — I love to cook and would fix myself some lunch. However, every few days, I'd try to socialize and have lunch with my fiancée, a friend, or an acquaintance. If I am at home, I'll slip in a 30-minute nap.

2 PM: Emails and administrative things — Around 2 PM, I would have my trough and low energy levels. I'd mostly do administrative tasks like replying to emails, checking the stats of this blog, doing some research, etc. I'd do that while having my last cup of coffee for the day. If I had lunch outside, I'd be working in some coffee shop.

2.30 PM: Client-work — I would now work with clients, whoever these clients are. I'd be either teaching people (this came up with my coach and seems to be something I'd like to do one day), working on different projects I am involved in, or talking to clients. I'd do this for another three hours or so.

5.30 PM: Exercise and socialize — Depending on what day it is, I'd be either going to my trainer to exercise or spend quality time with my fiancée until she goes (early) to bed. Semi-regularly I'd see some friends for an evening before returning home around 11 PM or midnight. These days would end with me reading before going to sleep. Otherwise:

10 PM: More writing — I'd continue whatever essay I am working on. I have a system that I write something and then don't touch it for at least a few hours, optimally a few days. This would be when I'd be editing that writing or working on something completely new. I'd do this for another two hours.

12 AM: Reading before bed — I'd finish my days with reading something lightweight, maybe a novel or a biography. Knowing me, I would probably try to sneak in an hour but fall asleep after 30 minutes or so. My current goal is to sleep at least 8 hours every night.

I believe my coach's goal for this exercise was to have something to aspire to based on my values and interests.

This is a purely hypothetical day, however. I might not end up liking it if I am ever able to live it. But now that I have a base, I can tweak it.

What is your perfect day? I am a sucker for things like that. So if you have a blog, feel free to steal this idea and send me the URL. I will link to it.