Dropbox has quietly launched a new password manager named Dropbox Passwords. The app is only available in a private beta on Android, and although you can download it, you won't be able to use it unless you've got an invite. The app's Play Store listing notes that the app is currently "in development" and therefore may be unstable.

Dropbox is not a file-hosting service anymore but something else. And since they decided to become that something else, the service became unusable for me.

Their new app is a memory hog, and they keep adding features I don't need like Dropbox Paper, and now Dropbox Passwords. Why does a file-hosting service need a "For you"-tab? It's not Spotify.

I used to pay happily for Dropbox but completely switched to iCloud Drive, despite all its problems. And looking through my Twitter-timeline the last couple of months I was not the only one.