Stuff I carry

I already announced elsewhere that I like reading setup blogpost. That's why I wrote my own. Another kind of blog post I still like a lot are EDCs1 - which may be because they are mobile setups. And as it should be: Here all the things I carry around with me every day.

One thing before we start: I commute almost two hours every day, one hour to work and one hour back. Enough time to distract me with all kinds of things.

Baron Fig Backpack

I used a Goruck GR2 for a long time because it was the latest backpack I owned and because it had enough pockets for all my stuff. But the GR2 is actually a travel backpack for week trips. I bought it so I could pack clothes and gadgets for a week. It is too much for daily use. So at some point I backed the Baron Fig Backpack - what a creative name - on Kickstarter.

It's incredibly small compared to the GR2. I'm even convinced that it would fit fully packed into the GR2 and still have enough space left in the Goruck. However, this is enough for daily use.

iPad Pro

Since I fully embrace the iPad-Life™, you'll find a 10.5 inch iPad Pro with a Smart-Keyboard case in the back. Great device. Should write a post. For 2019, then. The iPad also comes with an Apple Pencil and a 29-watt charger. A small advantage of this part: it also charges the iPhone X and the Switch thanks to Fast-Charging.

But the iPad Life™ definitely has one advantage. I don't have to live the Dongle-Life™ that these new USB-C MacBooks require. I simply don't use external hard drives or USB sticks. But the irony may be that I want an HDMI adapter and at best also a USB to Lightning adapter.

Nintendo Switch

But who might have believed that I am super productive on the train... ha, nope! What I do most of all during my ride is play Nintendo Switch. The console is just perfect2. Fucking Skyrim on a fucking handheld console is fucking fantastic. Despite fucking bugs, that fucking Bethesda has still not fixed in six fucking years.

I put games, cheap Apple-headphones and the Switch into a 15€ carrying bag. I can only warmly recommend it. Nothing to do with me using affiliate links here. It is charged via the mentioned Apple 29-watt charger and some overpriced USB-C cable from Belkin. At least nothing can explode. As backup I own a USB-C charger from Anker.

Kindle Voyage, glasses and other stuff

At the moment I carry the Kindle around with me, because I still have to read some books on the thing. It then leaves the bag and is replaced by a paper book. I guess I'll just use the Kindle Voyage to read samples. If I don't like the sample, I won't buy the paperbook. Not bad, eh?

I have a 30,000 mAh Aukey charger3 and a number of cables that I already mentioned here.

And since I'm actually 62 and not 26 years old, I'm farsighted and wear glasses when I'm sitting in front of a screen. Yes, it's made of wood, yes it's quite big, no, I'm still not a hipster.

And who wondered what this black box on the picture may be: a Monbento-Box. Because of my vegan diet I cook every evening (yap, even at 11.30 pm after a Benjamin Clementine concert) for the following day. The water bottle is by the same brand, by the way.

And a little advice, that I definitely didn't steal from Wirecutter: the Amazon umbrella is incredibly good.... and that for less than 20€.

Everyday trouser pocket

Not everything belongs in my backpack. Every time I leave my apartment door, I repeat the same movement. I grab my front pocket once to look for iPhone X, then reach into my right jacket pocket to feel the keys and finally I grab my left chest because that's where my AirPods and wallet should be.

Every time I can't find something, I die a little. The wallet is from Trove and was a Kickstarter campaign. There was also a Kickstarter campaign4 for a new version, but the wallet has only been sent after all the photos were taken.

  1. "Everyday Carry", you abbreviation noobs!

  2. I really have to write something about the switch. For 2020 then.

  3. Which is no longer available on Amazon. Maybe it exploded

  4. Viva la Kickstarter!