Back at the big screen

Yesterday was the first time in a long while that I have been to the cinema. It's been such a long time that I can't even remember when I went last. I had to ask my fiancée, and she couldn't remember either (we think it was Frozen 2?). We went to see Eternals, which coincidentally was also the first time that I have seen an MCU movie in the cinema.

I've seen all the entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the comfort of my couch – except for Shang-Chi, which I haven't seen yet. And I have only seen them this year. I have no clue how, but I mostly managed to stay spoiler-free so far. Except for some important details, like the Snap and that Spider-Man wasn't feeling so good.

I liked Eternals. I am a big fan of mythology (Greek, especially), so they had me from the start. It took me a while, but I also recognized most gods the writers based the Eternals on.

But this post isn't about the movie per se, but about the experience of going to the cinema. I have no clue why I missed it during the few lockdowns. It wasn't the greatest of experiences. What annoyed me:

  • The room was packed, not sold out, but close. And the people kept talking, and they kept checking their phones, and they kept standing up to go to the restroom.
  • There have been moments during which I wanted to stop the movie and rewind as I thought having missed a detail. I never realized before how often that happens.
  • The fighting scenes were sometimes too loud, compared to the audio levels of the remaining movie. So loud that it was close to being uncomfortable even.

And yet, I am happy I was able to return to the cinema. It's a piece of that pre-pandemic life we had to put on hold for a while. This and restaurants was what I missed most.

I am planning to return soon. (If it weren't so damn expensive. We paid close to 120€ for five people, including snacks and the entry tickets.) I want to see the latest Matrix movie, hoping there will be a franchise marathon. I haven't seen Dune yet, though I guess that movie will not be viewable for much longer.

Also, the cinema is the only place where I eat chips and drink ice tea. And sometimes you really want some chips and ice tea.