The first 31 days have passed, the year is nine percent over and it is time for self-reflection.

My 2018 is all about deceleration. You should read the article to understand. So far it worked quite well, I would almost say that January was a success. I've done almost everything I set out to do.

  • Clean up social media: I've cleaned my Twitter timeline. I only have to open tweetbot twice a day at the most and still don't miss anything. And I blocked Facebook completely. I managed to get everyone used to it and nobody writes me more via Messenger. At least I think so, I can't see it after all.
  • Eat healthier: Worked so well, I lost weight, like a lot. The most unhealthy thing I ate all month was a small piece of homemade chocolate cake for breakfast. By now I find cake far too sweet though.
  • Doing regular sports: Hahahahaha... fuck! I go for a daily walk for an hour at least.
  • Reading, reading and reading some more: I read three books and am almost finished with the fourth. I count it a success. I now also have a Goodreads profile.
  • Writing more: Even though I didn't write as much on the blog as I'd like to, I wrote almost daily in a notebook. It's mainly confused, unsorted thoughts. I wouldn't call it a diary. Maybe I should write about it?
  • Learning new things: I started learning Pythonthe hard way. I'm not very far yet, but so far everything seems relatively logical to me. Apparently I have enough STEM knowledge to understand the basics. I'm sure it'll be a while before I feel safe enough. But I already had the first dream in which I programmed.

I'm satisfied. 2018 was good so far, I personally feel much calmer, I meditate again regularly. I feel physically well and have hardly spent any money so far. Hopefully this will remain the case in February.