The best books on writing for aspiring writers →

This might be the most complete reading list on the art of writing. And if it’s not the most comprehensive, it‘s very close.

The list that the guys and gals at Ghost (my publishing platform) created here is a treasure trove of great recommendations. They list the following:

  • Best writing books for beginners
  • Best books to improve writing style
  • Best books on writing organization
  • Best books for modern writing examples
  • Best books on generating new ideas
  • Best books on writing faster
  • Best books on the business of writing
  • Next step for aspiring writers

I have read only a tiny chunk of the ones listed, but I can recommend these wholeheartedly (I added the rest to my Amazon "To read" list. Don’t tell my fiancée). Though the one category that annoys me a little is the write faster one.

I dislike the trend of having to do everything faster, be it reading or writing. Take as long as you need for both of these things, as long as you do them consistently. This isn’t a race. It’s a marathon. You will do it for the rest of your life, so do it at your pace.

If you care about writing — and since you’re following me, you should — I hope this can help you become a better writer. And while we’re at it, read my take on how to improve, too.