Sometimes you discover a hidden gem somewhere that you feel it's in your duty to share it with the world. This happened to me on Saturday night, when I found maybe one of the best YouTube-channels on geek-culture ever.

In the video I discovered — by chance, by looking for speedrun world record videos of Ocarina of Time —, Good Blood analyzes the hidden storylines in my favourite video game of all times, Ocarina of Time. And it's a fascinating video, incredibly well produced.

All the other videos on this channel are of the same quality. It is a treasure-trove of fascinating facts, great visuals and beautiful storytelling.

Do yourself a favour, and watch this video on Ocarina of Time. It'll take 30 minutes, but these might be the best 30 minutes you'll spend this week.

Or this one on God of War! Beware of spoilers, though:

The next video Javed Sterritt is working on is on Majora's Mask. I'm fucking hyped!