In any case, I'm sorry to report that it's time to consider getting a new email address. The reason is Hey, a new email service from Basecamp. It's a genuinely original take on messaging that feels like the first interesting thing to happen to email since clever apps like Mailbox and Sparrow repurposed your Gmail account, and it's available in an open beta starting today.

I am on the waiting list to get into the beta. While I'm happy with my email-provider, Fastmail, I am not satisfied with their apps, nor with any of the other third-party clients on the market. They are either not that good or Gmail-only. sounds like the first exciting new email-service in a long while. I'm intrigued to check what it's all about.

But unfortunately, it doesn't seem I can switch, even if I like it. They don't support custom domains as of yet, which means I can't move my email-addresses over.