A recommendation: Highlighted saves passages from books

Do you know that feeling when you find something that is so useful that you wonder where the heck it has been all these years?

I had that yesterday when Patrick Rhone linked to an app he discovered. The app in question is called Highlighted, and it's a straightforward tool used to save text-snippets from books. And. It. Is. Amazing!

The app is simple: you add the book you are currently reading, and then start scanning passages you want to save. The app uses the camera and native OCR-scanning to parse the text, and then lets you edit out typos before saving.

There is also an option that lets you export a passage as a text-file, or as a picture, which you can then post to social media.

The app is very barebones for now. There aren't many features as of yet; then again, the app is very young.

But I contacted the developer, Damir Štuhec, and he assured me that there is much more to come. Currently, I miss an "export archive "-feature (it's coming), and some monetization (it's coming). I want this app to continue existing and not die because the developer can't keep working on it.

So, download it. If you read books, this is for you.