My Home screens: May 2020

End of May, time for a home screen post. Because, why not.

I use three devices daily, and all serve very different purposes. I use an iPhone 11 Pro, an iPad Pro and a MacBook Pro.1

The iPhone is my everyday carry. The apps on its home screen are mainly utilities that help me get stuff done faster and help me during my daily life.

The MacBook is my work device. It's where I do most of the things related to my day job.

The iPad Pro, as mentioned in this post, is slowly replacing my MacBook. And it's also the second device I carry with me a lot. So, the home screen is a mix between the iPhone and the MacBook.

Let's get started!

The Mac

I'll start with the Mac because it is the easiest one. There is no Homescreen. Also, my Dock is empty except for the currently running apps.

I use Alfred to open specific apps, websites or files, and couple it with Bunch to open a list of apps at the same time. I have one Bunch for writing, one for media editing, one for daily work, and one for coding.

Every evening, I close all the apps on the Mac, and every morning, depending on my most important tasks that day, I launch one of the bunches.

For my wallpaper needs, I use Unsplash Wallpapers app to change backgrounds every day.

The iPhone

My iPhone home screens have always been very minimal. One page, only a few rows, only three apps in the Dock. I like how this looks like, and haven't changed it that much for a long time.

First row

Safari: Obvious!

Day One: My journaling app. While I'd like to say that I use it every day, it just ain't true. More like every second day. I use it more as a reading-tool for old entries than as a writing tool for new ones on the iPhone.

Zero: My fasting app, I've written about it here. I am currently on a 16:8 fasting program.

Oak: My meditation app. I don't do fancy, guided meditations anymore. I use it for the timer function mostly and because it's a straightforward app.

Second row

Photos: Obvious!

Book Track: My book tracking app, duh! It's where I save what I am currently reading and what I read. Otherwise, I would just forget it at the end of the year.

Highlighted: When I read, I underline with a pencil, and then after my reading session, I scan the paragraphs with Highlighted. Awesome app, great developer! Love it.

Carrot: The app I use the least. I mostly just ask Siri for the weather, but when I need more details, I open Carrot.

Third row

WhatsApp: Obvious! And I hate it.

Telegram: Obvious! And I love it.

Tools: Every app from the App Store that isn't on my home screen. I barely open that folder, I use Spotlight to open the apps. It's mainly stuff like my banking app, my VPN app, Twitter, Sudoku.

Apple: All the Apple-apps I haven't deleted. Same like with Tools, I use Spotlight to open apps.


Spotify: Obvious again! Here are my main playlists.

Messages: Currently, my primary messaging app. Might try to get as many people as possible to switch to Telegram though.

Overcast: My podcast-client. I don't listen to podcasts that often. And when I do, I do at 1.8x. I use Overcast because I love Smart Speed and Voice Boost.

The iPad

My iPad Pro might be more interesting for most people because it's the device I do the most various things on.

Again, like on the iPhone, only one home screen. Though this time, there are no empty rows. It would just look weird when switching from portrait to landscape — also, waaaaay more folders.


In my "sidebar" I have several widgets that let me quickly glance at relevant information. They are Fantastical, Hello Weather, Things, Shortcuts, Batteries, Deliveries and Screen Time.

First row

App Store: Obvious! It's that prominent because I like going through the Today-tab daily.

TestFlight: I am in so many betas that keep getting updated that I open this app several times a day. That explains it's placement.

Photos: I don't have a huge picture gallery. I want this to grow now that I take way more pictures with my camera again, but one of these days I need to clean my library. So. many. Screenshots!

Books: I mostly read paperback books. But sometimes, there is only an ebook, or it's close too impossible to find a cheap paper-version. That's where Books comes in — also, Audiobooks.

Book Track: Same as on the iPhone, but bigger.

Day One: It's mainly on the iPad that I write in my digital journal. I use some automated questions that I fill in and write long-form entries every other day. I used to log my meals too, but I am too lazy for that.

Second row

MindNode: I haven't fully grasped how to incorporate this app into my workflow yet. I currently use it as a place to save my book notes. What I do: I read on paper, underline with a pencil, scan with Highlighted on my iPhone, export all highlights as a text file and then create mindmaps in MindNode.

GoodNotes: I don't use this app that often but when I do, it's great. It's the best note-taking app for an Apple Pencil there is. My bookmarking app. It's here where I save links that aren't articles, recipes, create mood boards, and so on. Great service!

Shortcuts: I am no Viticci, so my shortcuts are rather dull. Actually, most shortcuts I use are from Macstories.

Lightroom: I... don't know. I have been trying to find a way to import my RAWs, have them saved somewhere while I work with them and then export the finished JPEGs to the And most apps just don't seem to have a proper library-management feature. Either they use the or they use the And I don't want RAWs in either of these two. That is why I use Lightroom. And I usually loathe Adobe-software. Can someone please create an app for my needs?

Third row

BILnet: My banking app where I check the status of my trillions of billions of gazillions of euros.

Overcast: Same as with the iPhone, only that I listen to podcasts even less on the iPad.

Pocket: Every article I'd like to read goes to Pocket. I even pay for a subscription, because... why do I pay for a subscription?

Twitter: The only social media service I use. I'm @cliophate on there.

Reddit: Next to Reeder and newsletters, the only other way I consume news. But mostly, I look at memes and cat videos.

Discord: That's where my gaming friends live.

Fourth row

Settings: Obvious!

Productivity: Folder with all the apps that I would put into a working folder without calling it working. iWorks, Google's office solutions, PDF Expert, Ferrite, and so on.

SPL: Stands for Saint-Paul, the company I work at. These are mainly Microsoft services like Outlook, Office and Teams.

Code: All my coding related apps, like Transmit (RIP), Pythonista (RIP?), GitHub, RegEx Lab, yadda yadda.

Utilities: Deliveries, Calcbot, Hello Weather, Firefox, 1Blocker, ...

Creative: This is where I save apps, I pretend I know how to use like the Affinity suite, Photoshop, Pixelmator Photo, Procreate.

Fifth row

Education: Some apps I barely use to learn Japanese, Skillshare, and MasterClass.

Cooking: I will probably get rid of this folder down the line because I don't follow recipes. And when I need one, I google them or use one of my actual cookbooks. To be continued.

Entertainment: Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Plex.

Games: Where I keep my emulators, Hearthstone and so on. Every game that isn't from Apple Arcade because...

 Arcade: ...this is where I keep them. I've tried EVERY Apple Arcade game there is, and this is what I kept. I've been playing through them to see if there's anything good. If I find something of note, I'll report back. And before you ask: I use a DualShock-controller.

Apple: Same as for the iPhone.


You, of course, wanted to know about these right? I share a folder with random wallpapers with Kim. No idea where he got them from, but here is my iPhone-wallpaper and here is my iPad-wallpaper.

And that's it. These are the current states of my home screens. If anything changes in the next couple of weeks, I'll post a new blog post. If you want to know what lives in the folders, shoot me a message on Twitter.

  1. I'm a pro!