Season one of our oddly named newsletter, huh, A Cafe With a View of the Waterfall starts on March 3, 2021. It runs for twenty weeks. One photo a week. That's it! No discursive theses on the philosophy of photography, no bonkers verbosity. Just a picture. Twenty weeks pass, then it's done, and we can think about season two. (Or pretend this never happened.)

I have to admit that I am a Craig Mod fanboy. It doesn't matter what the guy does; I appreciate all of it. It was due to him that I started looking into hiking/trekking1, which I seem to enjoy a lot.

I'm looking forward to this image-idea. I have been thinking about where I want to put photos. I do have an Instagram-account, but I'm already annoyed by it because ALGORITHM™. I don't take the pictures I want; I take the images that get likes.

So, I'll sit down with my boy Kim and create a dedicated page on this website. But for now, subscribe to Craig's new newsletter. I think that's the fourth one I'm getting from him.

  1. More on that later!