I signed up for Glass

I signed up for an account over at Glass, and this is where I will post my pictures in the future.

Kevin Wammer on Glass
A guy with too many interests. From Luxembourg. Half-Italian. Trying to figure out how to take pictures using a Leica Q2.

I explained in the last email for my pop-up newsletter project why:

I dislike having to do something daily. TTLG confirmed this for me. I need novelty to function at my best (which is why most jobs bore me, but that’s another topic). I much rather only take shots a few times per week, or maybe per month, whenever I go out to do something. July was a slow month, but for my stay in France.

But not all was lost with this project. I liked editing and curating the shots, and I think I learned a few things and could hone my style a little more.

But no more daily photo newsletters for me. Instead, I decided to sign up for an account at Glass. In the future, I will keep posting my photography there whenever I am happy with a shot. Or two. You get the deal.

You can sign up for Glass (use the offer code PIVOT2VIDEO or use this link to save some money) or follow my photographic endeavours through RSS.