My iPadOS 14 wishlist and some thoughts on the iPhone

When I wrote my Magic Keyboard kinda-sorta-review, I alluded to the fact that I think the iPad Pro is close to becoming the perfect device for my needs. Close. Very close!

Since then, I've been thinking about what Apple has to reveal during this year's WWDC to make me a happy man. While doing this, I noticed two things: My iPadOS 14 wishlist isn't that long after all. And my iOS 14 wishlist is non-existent.

Let's talk about iOS 14, or rather the iPhone, for a second. For me, it has reached its peak. There is nothing Apple could introduce (that I can think of) that would have me excited. Of course, their marketing-department will spin up a story that will make me go wild for it, and lead me to install the very first beta on my primary device. It's a recurring story, and it happens every year. But right now, there is no major feature I am looking forward to. And since a lot has been leaked, there is even less excitement.

The iPad, though? There are things I am really, really looking forward to. Can any of my readers send this to Tim?

  • Better external monitor support: If you attach the iPad to an external display, for most apps, it mirrors the screen and pillarboxes the image. This is suboptimal1 for a lot of reasons. Let me have two apps (or two windows) running on two screens at the same time.
  • Full IDE Support: While I do most of my "coding "work2 on a JupyterHub installation on a server, I sometimes want to use an IDE for all the advantages an IDE has to offer. But right now, an IDE cannot live on iPadOS, according to Panic. Remove this limitation, let me run pip install pandas in a Terminal, and code in VS Code. Oh, and while we're at it: Give me developer tools in Safari.
  • Missing apps: There a lot of apps on macOS that I miss on the iPad: Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Terminal, TextEdit, and Xcode are the leading contenders. And some iPhone-apps that I miss: Health and Workout.
  • Even better Files-support: I know that the got way better, but it is still acting weird. I don't know how to use it properly. Might be me, might be iPadOS. Probably me. So make it not weird. Whatever that means. You can figure it out, Apple. Also, give me a progress bar when doing stuff.
  • Video chat in the background: This makes especially sense in a post-Covid19 world. When you are on a Zoom-call with your Face-cam enabled, the moment you leave the app, the camera turns off. It doesn't make sense. I don't want people to realize I am not paying attention to them!
  • Force companies to update their apps: Now, this is not a feature. But it is the one bothering me the most. Why has Google not yet updated the YouTube app with keyboard support? The iPad has Keyboard-support since 1983. And why do I have to wait until fall for Microsoft to add trackpad-support? I know there is no real way for Apple to enforce any of this. But maybe stop recommending their apps as long as they work like shit.

And that's it. These are the few missing pieces for this device to replace my MacBook Pro fully. I don't like that thing anyway. It keeps freezing, crashing and rebooting constantly.

  1. Actually, it's bullshit, I hate it. But I've been told that I swear too much in my posts. I'm trying to remedy that fucking habit of mine. 

  2. Calling it coding is probably an insult to developers. I do some Data-analysis using Python. Can that be considered coding? I let other people judge.