That said, I personally can’t imagine handing over all of my labor to a centralized platform where it’s chopped up and shuffled together with content from countless other sources, only to be exploited at the current whims of the platform owners’ volatile business models.

I understand why people want to publish their work on centralized platforms with some integrated social networks. Publish your writing on Medium or your pictures on Instagram and you get immediate feedback. Likes, comments, reposts.

But what I see from observing other people is that suddenly you start to create content to get these likes, comments and reposts even if you didn't want to create that piece of content in the first place.

This is why I don't have any analytics tracking on this website. I don't know how many people read this blog if anyone at all. I get feedback from time to time through Twitter or email, but that's about it. And I don't think I'd like to have it any other way.