Lightroom’s Tom Hogarty shares a preview of a new camera-to-tablet workflow that will allow you to seamlessly import photo files directly into Lightroom on your iPad, beginning with iOS 13.2. Keep an eye out for this update coming soon to Lightroom.

I know, you are all hyped because of the new MacBook Pro. But while I think that it's one heck of a device, I am still more interested to replace my iPad Pro with a new model.

You see, for me, the iPad Pro is the perfect everyday machine. My Mac is a beast, I use it at work, it's where I learn pen-testing, edit videos, do data science and all that. But when I'm on the go, or at home sitting on the couch, I prefer my iPad.

So stuff like what Adobe has announced is great. I hated having my shitty RAWs in my camera roll.