Thoughts on Writing Each and Every Day

Josh Ginter on writing daily blogposts for The Newsprint:

It’s not just about being exhausting, however. There are nights where you just want to veg and play video games rather than throwing something together for the blog. There are times when you don’t have a fully formed opinion and you sort of puke it out into existence. Or you create filler pieces to get through a few days.

I am in a similar position. Since November 4th, when I restarted this blog, I have written a piece at least five times a week.

I enjoy these daily writing sessions and mostly do them to strengthen my writing muscle which has been suffering from atrophy for several months.

But I don't think I can keep them up for longer than the month I've been planning to do so. And the reasons are the same as what Josh mentions here:

It's exhausting, though that is the point. It's like exercising. You have to stretch yourself to get better at it. But what annoys me most is that I don't have the time to think or do some proper research first: I take an idea, I write, I wait at least an hour, I edit, I publish, and all of this times five. And then I write a newsletter for Thursdays.

My overall plan for the blog in the future is to keep writing my newsletter on Thursdays (I will publish the newsletter essay on this blog, but to see the links I share and the status updates, you have to sign up for free), and write one to two bigger essays per week. Additionally, I will keep writing different series like Tsundoku and Select and maybe add a few more over time.

I will also keep up the daily writing habit, but solely in my journals. At least there no one cares if thoughts are only half baked.