#19: Did you miss me?

Hello friends! Long time no see.

I absolutely love this GIF. (Gif with a hard G. Fight me!) Moriarty is such a fantastic villain, too. Absolute man-crush! Ugh!!

Did I take a break to send this? Maybe? 👀

Today I come to you with some self propaganda. Share that I am still alive and have done some things. After all, I have to flex my marketing muscle from time to time. Otherwise, you forget I exist. We wouldn't want that, would we?

I mostly spend my days working on overkill.wtf right now.

I've switched the schedule slightly and am sending out two emails per week. We'll try that for a month to see if it's both sustainable – as in, can I publish this much, consistently without interruptions – and if it makes for a better product. More emails lead to shorter delays between when a piece of news happens and when I write about it. And shorter emails, too, as I can split them into two.

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Hello, and welcome to overkill.wtf. You might be wondering: “WTF is this?” Let me explain. tl;dr: A weekly newsletter summarizing and commenting on what is important in the world of tech and gaming. Sent on Saturdays.Overkill.wtf (which I will shorten with “ok.wtf”) is a weekly

On the reading front: This month has been slow, and I have yet to finish a book. My motivation is non-existent, and I can't get myself to read.

Though, March has been better, as you can see from my latest Tsundoku. Here is the list:

Tsundoku | My Reading List for March 2022
Middle of April already, and I haven’t finished a book yet. I’m lazy this month and feel like I’m a bit burned out on reading. I have started Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield, and I can’t get myself to read more than a few pages per week. Usually, when

Also, a small reminder. I publish my reviews on GoodReads, too!

And finally, I'm on a podcast. Yeah, I don't know either why anyone would want me as a guest, but Greg Morris did. And so we had a chat for his "And You Are". We talk about philosophy, tech, work, and many subjects.

I had an absolute blast talking to Greg and hope to be on his show again. He is such a good host!

Kevin Wammer
Kevin AKA Cliophate publishes to his blog “Essays on being human with a pinch of philosophy and a dab of science”.

P.S.: Invite me to your podcast.

P.P.S.: I need to take a new profile picture. I don't even have long hair anymore!

That's it. I have nothing else to say. Bye-bye, have a great Easter weekend.

Why are you still reading? Go away!

I said that's it. There's nothing else to see.

You're still here?! Wait, you want more?

Ok, ok. Here is another Moriarty gif!

And just for good measure, this is what he looks like in a crown!

Daaaaaaaamn boooooy!