What are my luxuries?

I‘ve been thinking about this thing. And it‘s by no means developed enough to be my final answer, but I have been trying to figure out what I consider to be „enough money“. What monthly income do I need to be happy?

But, I have realized, I am happy. I make a decent enough income, and I have no debt1. But I‘m still optimizing the split between input vs output, inflow vs outflow, income vs outcome, yin vs yang. Because: I don‘t need more stuff — even if I sometimes think I want more, I have too many monthly subscriptions, that I barely use, and I have some recurrent payments that I can lower.

So I‘ve been trying to fix this and have fewer non-essential expenses. This is the part I am currently working on.

However, I still have some luxuries that I will pay for no matter how expensive they might seem to others.

They are:

  • A restaurant visit or take-out once a week.
  • A massage once a month. Currently on hold2.
  • A visit to my barber every two to three weeks.
  • A coffee-subscription once a month.

I could get rid of every other non-essential cost. But these are the untouchables. And, surprisingly, they are low cost compared to most other luxuries.

What are your luxuries?

  1. I bought an apartment with my girlfriend. I do not see this as a debt, but rather as an investment.  

  2. It‘s a pandemic, stupid!