Two Macs out, one Mac in

Having a blog again, I can finally share all the stupid ideas I have, which involves spending way too much money.

This is one of them. I haven't been in the business of buying a new MacBook until I've learned I have to get back into the office twice a week. I have an M1 Mac Mini at home (which I plan to sell around December, Europeans hit me up!) and an Intel MacBook Pro with the shitty keyboard and overall shitty everything.

Having to handle and somehow synchronise two machines with entirely different infrastructures is, to put it lightly, annoying. I had several instances where I was either missing an app or a critical file. Or somehow, a state didn't synchronise. The plan is to replace both machines with the new MacBook Pro. I'm also looking for a docking station to make the experience enjoyable of constantly plugging stuff in and out when going from the home office to the office office and back. If you have a recommendation, send me a tweet please.

So far, so good, right? Nothing stupid about downsizing and making everything more enjoyable. Well, the stupid thing is the flavour of the MacBook Pro I got: It is the biggest M1 Max, with 64 GB of RAM and a 1 TB SSD (I don't need more space after careful calculations. I like deleting files.)

It's way too overpowered for my usage. I know that. It's also nearly 4000€. But the thinking is this: I want to keep this MacBook for as long as possible. If I can keep it for ten years, I'd call it a success. Because I firmly believe my next professional device won't be a Mac at all. Or even what we call a traditional computer today.

In 5 to 10 years from now, we will probably see a new form factor for technology. Will it be the metaverse Zuck is hyping up? Maybe. Maybe we will all be using some AR/VR (I learned that this is called XR, Extended Reality) device on our heads to log in to work and be magically transported into a digital office.

Maybe it will be a chip we implant into our brains to live in some Matrix-like future.

Maybe it won't be as advanced and futuristic, but instead, Apple finally makes the iPad Pro viable for all the work I do. I've been trying to make that happen for a long time now, but I keep getting frustrated for the lack of some details that are available on the Mac, and I came to rely on (proper external display support, anyone?).

In the end, I don't know what will be different, but I believe something will be. So, this might be the last Mac I get. At least maxing it out, I won't run into any performance issues anytime soon. I hope. 🤞