We meet again

Hi, I am clio. Also known as Kevin. Welcome. Looks like we meet again.

As you might have realized I was on a hiatus for a time. I had been planning a move of my backend (Kirby) to a new platform (Ghost). But it took much longer than planned. But here we are, finally! Welcome to kvn.li on Ghost.

Let me reintroduce this space:

This right here is my little corner of the internet. I own it, I manage it, I control it. Unlike other corners of the internet — Instagram, Twitter, YouTube (I got no link here) — I can decide what happens to this place. I like that. (Which is why I decided to move to a new platform.)

You see, I love blogging. Always did. I made it my job once. Even when I moved on, I kept coming back to it.

I have a large array of interests and things I'd like to do. I hate specialisation and I believe in range. I'm a jack of all trades, (wannabe) master of... some. This blog is where I can combine all that to create something new.

A space, where I can write about the mix of topics, I plan to write about. Maybe use photography, videography and audio to my advantage. Tell the stories I’d like to tell. Tell the stories nobody else seems to tell. And, more importantly, fight my inner demons:

Despite my love for blogging, I am lazy. I suffer a lot from procrastination. I much rather prefer watching TikTok videos every day than writing and publishing stuff.

Because I'm scared of publishing. Putting myself out there. Trying things that are out of my comfort zone. Be vulnerable. Especially when it's not only about written words, but pictures, videos, audio.

This is why there is a way to subscribe to a soon-to-launch newsletter. I call it "The Letters of Clio". I plan to send an email out every week. Force me to do the work. Force me to be consistent. My motivation doesn’t come on demand, I have to train the muscle first.

This blog, and the newsletter, is my gym. Join me in hoping I don't fuck it up too much.

Thanks, clio!

P.S: Sorry, if you read through your RSS reader, and it shat its pants. That's due to the move.