Millennials vs Gen Z

I wasn't aware of this ongoing war1 that is very, very serious: Millennials vs Gen Z! You probably weren't either if you are not always on TikTok, so lemme update you.

The Cut:

The part discourse reached its first peak last summer when Gen-Z TikTok user @Lady-Gleep made a declaration about hair division that's now divided down generational lines: "Prove me wrong, but I don't think there is a single person who looks better with a side part than they do a middle part." Gleep then asked anyone with a side part to make it a middle one — to prove her point that "the middle part is far more supreme" — and thus the #MiddlePartChallenge was born.

Take this from a guy with long hair: A middle part looks like shit. It looks stupid. It makes you look like Professor Snape. But the book one, not the movies one. I physically cringe every time my hair parts in the middle, and it tends to do that naturally. I look stupid af! So, Gen Zs are wrong on this.


But now, the laugh-cry emoji is dead.
At least that's what young people are saying. In recent days a number of TikTok users have been teasing millennials and older generations for their overuse of what's officially called the "Face with Tears of Joy" emoji.

Again, wrong! It's not dead. It is the best emoji there is. It is my most used one. I have no clue what these Gen Z punks are on, but I'd like some of that too. How can you even remotely think that the skull-emoji is better?

via Sidekick

  1. This started a discussion with my sister. She is a Gen Z. I'm a millennial. We're still fighting!