I've finished my third book of the year and started reading book #4 and #5. Technically number 6 too, but it's an ebook on the iPad: "Of Wolves and Men" by Barry Lopez. Difficult to add it to this picture.

While reading the previous three books, I realised that I have to read multiple books at once. Otherwise a book will bore me even though I like the content. I need to force myself to finish. Because I want to finish. But I also want to start something else. But maybe finish this one first. Argh!

Reading multiple books simultaneously helps a lot. It gives me the chance to jump to something else as soon as this boredom comes up again. And then when the alternative bores me, back to the other one.

Some of you might say I should work on my patience. I meditate so I'm ahead of you, thanks! But I don't apply patience to books though. Too much good stuff to read, not enough time.