My Nintendo Switch Year in Review

I love my Nintendo Switch. It is my favourite gaming platform.

But despite my love, I didn't touch it this year. Or other video games, for that matter. Not because I didn't want to or because I didn't have time. I guess the main reason is that I've been too lethargic to do anything. The pandemic blues hit me this year.

This is why my Nintendo Switch Year in Review looks... like this:

Here you see when I was in a better mood, as better mood = willingness to play games, read books, write blog posts:

And for what I played this year? Mostly, a DLC for a game in which I have already invested a couple of hundred hours over several platforms over several years.

Lastly, Nintendo tells me to get these games next. Fun fact: I own them but have yet to take them out of their respective boxes. Ups!

Next year, we'll get the number higher. That is until the Steamdeck gets released. I currently believe that the Steamdeck will make my Switch collect even more dust.