I want a new camera

I've been wondering if I should get a new camera. Not to replace my beloved Leica Q2 (who the hell would do that?) but to complement it, to have something whenever I feel too limited by the Q2's 28mm focal length.

I want to get something with changeable lenses. (You can't change the lens of the Q2 if you didn't know. This is part of its charm.) I mainly want lenses for product/still photography and portraits. So I guess around 50mm and 85mm — or whatever their equivalent is on a non-full-frame sensor.

But what camera I should get is the tricky part. I used to have a Sony a7 II with a bunch of lenses but hated using that camera. It took great shots, but the experience was... boring. It was tedious, it wasn't fun.

The Leica is fun. Using it makes me happy. But it's also expensive as hell. No way I can afford a Leica SL2 or M11.

My current choice is to get a Fuji X-T4. Or rather an X-T5, whenever that one gets released. After all, I have to budget this first, and it'll take a while until I have the money.

Though that X-Pro3 looks intriguing, too.