Home is supposed to be a constant, steady place, a shelter for a family. It shouldn’t change very much. But an office is basically a big clock with humans for hands. And I find that the people who don’t want to go back to pre-pandemic office culture are the people who are the most concerned about their time. Sometimes this is their personality; they are engineers who look at travel as a waste, who seek efficiencies in their work and health. Sometimes they’re people with other stress, like parents of young children who triangulate between the day care’s schedule, their boss’s expectations, and kids’ needs. For a disabled person, working from home can save hours of daily, needless negotiation. All of these cases are utterly valid. And yet we’re going back. Maybe not all of us, maybe with hybrid schedules. But most of us. We all know it.

I am not an engineer. But I am in that camp. Commuting to work is a waste of time, especially since it takes me around 1 hour to even get to the office.

Since I've been home-officed due to the pandemic, I won 2 hours of my life every day. I can sleep more according to my circadian rhythm (hardcore night-owl, unfortunately), and I've been overall at a better physical and mental health.

So, you can believe me when I tell you I am not planning to get back into the office, no matter what hybrid schedule they plan to offer.