This is the first post in a series I plan to do on a semi-regular basis. In it, I'll write a few words on things I want to share my opinion on. These may be products that I like but are not worth an entire article, or I plan to write a review at a later date.

I've stolen the idea from Andrew Kim's Minimally Minimal. But as he hasn't been blogging in years now, I doubt he will mind.

This is brilliant marketing by Barilla: They created a bunch of playlists that are precisely as long as it takes to cook their pasta. Meaning, the spaghetti playlist is nine minutes long.

I only see one issue with this, and it's a big one. I learned from my Nonna and my mamma that you don't cook pasta for the amount of time written on the box. You undercook the pasta by a minute or two.

Pasta doesn't magically stop cooking when you take it out of the water, except if you pour cold water over it. But then you have cold pasta, and who the fuck wants cold pasta. Instead, you put the pasta back into the hot sauce, where it can finish cooking the last few minutes to reach the optimal stage of al dente.

If you don't eat your pasta al dente, unfollow me, you monster!

I got a new camera. And I have opinions. A lot of them. Which I am sharing in this episode! Why do I love the Leica Q2 this much, and what has changed compared to my previous Sony camera? Second episode in a week, I'm on a roll baby!

Here we go, the start of my new fantastic podcast career. In this first episode, I share the what, the why, and the when of this show. So, instead of writing it down here, listen to it. I'm semi-happy with the first recording. I can hear that I am still stressed when talking to the microphone, and …

This is not one of those tech acquisitions where the company is bought to be shut down. Unsplash will continue to operate as a standalone brand and division of Getty Images.

Aye, no more Unsplash for me, I guess.

I do not trust Getty. As Nick Heer mentioned, Getty Images is well-known for being a copyright troll.

Liu said Foxconn is "currently" likely to ship 10% fewer products than it had planned, without specifying the time period. Supplies for "home economy products" are particularly constrained, he added, as the pandemic has driven a rush in such orders. By contrast, "the impact on the orders that were secured a long time ago is rather limited."
The shortage is likely to extend to at least the second quarter of next year, Liu said, citing research agencies.

This has an impact on anything, not only smartphones, consoles and PC-stuff. As nowadays everything is tech, from your toaster to your car, this shortage might impact, well, everything!

If you are still trying to cop a new GPU, good luck. The only way I see this to get any better in the short term is if the crypto-market crashes and miners start selling off their cards again. I'm happy I got my card when I did.

I have to admit that I am something of a Craig Mod-fanboy. I am subscribed to every newsletter he publishes, I am a Special Projects member, and I might have stolen an idea or two for my projects.

Of course, I had to link to his newest video, a little documentary about a Kissaten making pizza toast. Mod seems to have made it his life-mission to publish things — essays, videos, podcasts, books — on Kissaten-culture and pizza-toast. And he does so with style. The man has taste; it's incredible. I aspire to one day write and shoot as well as he does.

I need to try pizza-toast whenever I visit Japan.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. I am launching a new podcast: The Musings of Clio.

In a few weeks from now, you'll be able to listen to my voice in the podcast-player of your choice. Here is a sneak peek for you.

Microsoft Corp. is in talks to acquire Discord Inc., a video-game chat community, for more than $10 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

Discord is my main communication-app nowadays. Of all the companies willing to buy them, I think Microsoft is the one least likely to fuck it up. The other two were Amazon and Epic. And I wouldn't trust them.

From Big Revolution:

So, the next question is ‘would Microsoft be a good home for Discord?’ Considering that Facebook would probably just kill it and move the users over to Facebook Groups, Google would support it for a year and then kill it, and Amazon would probably keep it going forever with a skeleton staff just so no-one else could own it (think about what it’s done to Goodreads), Microsoft seems like the best bet.

For whatever weird reason, my RSS-feed shat its pants around a week ago. I think Kim has fixed it by now. I hope. I'll see when this goes live, I guess.