It's been a year — time to play this again.

My urge to dive into Skyrim grows yearly around winter. Something something snow, hearths, wooden cabins in the forest.

I play modded, of course. Last time I went for Lexy's LOTD. But it doesn't exist on Wabbajack anymore, so I'll be trying Equanimity this time around.

I do not need a new iPhone.

My iPhone 11 Pro is in tiptop shape and while I prefer the boxier look of the new models, there is no new feature I find intriguing — except one. The iPhone 12 Mini‘s size.

I held it in my hands briefly and immediately loved it. It is the perfect form factor. Were it not for the missing camera and the worse battery life, I might have caved.

Instead, I tried to get a similar feeling with my current phone. By removing the Apple Leather Case. Way better. I‘m working from home for close to a year now, the risk of it dropping to the floor and shattering is very small1. But this feels less bulky in the hand. Also, this green is pretty af!

Great upgrade, great price (free), 12/10.

  1. Watch me break it after hitting publish. 

Welcome to 2021.

We’ve made it. We survived 2020. The shortest and longest year of my life. What a shit show!

Hi there. Long time no read. As some of you might know my big focus right now is all on my Twitch-channel. I've been streaming regularly for a few weeks now and enjoy it a lot. Next part of the project is to start with an Instagram-profile and then YouTube. As soon as I got the YouTube-thing running, I will be able to focus on this blog too.

Meanwhile, if you want to get in touch, I'd suggest you join the Discord-family. Here I'll post when I go live, and you can chat with me and so on. See you soon!

Remember that secret project of mine I kept talking about? While I have announced it on my social medias (Instagram, Twitter, I haven't yet talked about it here in detail.

So, what is it all about? I will start live-streaming on Twitch regularly. I'll be playing a variety of video-games, but mainly focusing on games that are replayable, i.e. rogue-likes, Hearthstone. From time to time, I also plan to play story-focused games like the next Assassin's Creed or Cyberpunk 2077. And if I can find people who are willing to be live on a stream, I'd add multiplayer games to the mix.

The plan is to stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and sometimes on Fridays and/or Saturdays.

Since folding Apfeltech, I haven't been working on a project of this size for a long while. So, I am not only going live on Twitch and calling it a day. This is a whole endeavour I'm taking on. Besides Twitch, I set up a YouTube-channel on which I will add additional content related to what I play and my stream. Think first impressions, game-guides and stream-setups. Also, VODs because, then again, I'm lazy and VODs are low-hanging fruits.

My goal with the whole thing? Have fun again working on a big project. I am not planning (as of yet, if it happens, I'd be more than happy of course) to make this into a job. But working and breathing something of my own daily is a feeling I miss a lot. So yeah, let's hope my Twitch-thing can satisfy this craving.

My first stream will be tomorrow, Thursday, August 6th, at 8 pm CEST. I will be streaming for 4 hours typically.

For all you out there in the world, here is the date in your timezone:

If you want to follow me and see what I'm up to, I'd be happy if you give me a follow over at Twitch.

It has been a long time since I last posted my setup on this blog. The original page doesn’t even exist anymore. But recently I decided that, for my part of my super-secret project, I had to rearrange and redo my setup. This is the result.

There is a thing I've been thinking about doing for quite some time now. Now, I finally decided to do it.

iPadOS 14 has a couple of new features meant for Pro-users. One I particularly like is Spotlight. It can run Shortcuts directly in the search-field without opening up any app but instead lets you use the whole shortcut in an overlay.

It allows me to create some sort of "Spotlight extensions" that resemble what I do daily on my Mac with Alfred.

So, for example, I open Spotlight with CMD + Space, type !things and can quickly create tasks with the corresponding due-date and category.

Even with proprietary dongles, Bluetooth devices are much less reliable than wired. For instance, I wrote above that my Logitech MX Master worked fine once I switched to the proprietary dongle, but that's not quite true: it worked fine for a while, then one day it started janking again for no discernible reason.

I've been running into this problem a lot lately. My MX Master starts acting up, and not even turning it off and on again fixes it. Also, I have this stupid problem where the Mac loses the connection to the AirPods Pro and audio first starts to stutter and then completely breaks off. Only fix I have found so far: Restart the Mac, which is not an option a minute before an audio-call.

So, I've been looking at ways to improve my home office, even with the knowledge that I might spend more times working from home than from an office. And cables are part of that. Ethernet all the way.

I'll report back when I found something that works for me.

[via Monkbent]

From Twitter:

That’s right, Trainers—#PokemonSnapIsBack! #NewPokemonSnap is an all-new adventure inspired by the classic Nintendo 64 game.

Holy! Shit! I loved this game so much as a child. Trying to find all the different hidden Pokémon in the game. Can't wait for this one!