Next month marks 25 years since the release of the first Pokémon titles on the original Game Boy. One of the biggest rumours currently doing the rounds is the possible return of the 2006 Nintendo DS entries, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Big year for remakes. 25 anniversary of Pokémon, 35 anniversary for Zelda. Last year was Mario's 35th anniversary, and we'll get a remake in that franchise soon.

I'm a sucker for remakes for two reasons: play old games I loved as a kid but with modern features, and play old games I didn't have a chance to play because I didn't own every console back then.

Also, the Switch is still my favourite gaming-platform. Sorry, PCMR!

The what coming to what now?!

Zoom into Luxembourg, and you see us being down in the lower part of the lists. Shit show!

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I completely forgot this is a thing: there's a Home-app on macOS. And it's shit, probably why I forgot about it in the first place.

The linked app isn't shit; it's an instant purchase. It lets you control all the HomeKit-devices — in my case, many smart bulbs — through the menubar — no need to pick up the iPhone or shout to Siri.

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Let the gaming begin. Play old school Atari classics plus your own collection of game ROMs and emulators on your favorite devices, courtesy of Plex Labs and Atari. It's a guaranteed win!

Yesterday, I completely slept on this news. I initially thought this was some gimmicky streaming-service for some Atari games. I never had a real connection with Atari-games. Not my generation.

Then a friend of mine told me how he excited he was. And I understood. What Plex launched is an emulator-streaming service. It's not limited to Atari at all, you can load up your emulators, your ROMs, and you're good to go.

From what I understand is Plex using Parsec as their engine. Parsec, as far as I know, uses Libreto as their engine. And Libreto is what powers RetroArch. And RetroArch is the best. It's what powers my whole emulation-collection. The thing that Plex does better than RetroArch, however, is the entire media-collection side of it. It's their thing, it's what they are known for. ROMs look way better in Plex than on RetroArch.

I need to dig deeper. Can I stream Pokémon from my PC to my Apple TV and play with an XBox-controller? Can I somehow get it to run games on my iPad while I'm on the go? Something limited by iOS.

I need to dig deeper. But unfortunately, some limitations annoy me a little: I can't install Arcade on a Linux-server running Plex, a future project, and you are limited to Chrome on a computer. Also, yet another subscription.

Side-note: The iOS-blogpost is one of my most visited posts via Google.

For a long while now I've been reading books with a pencil in hand. I'd underline interesting passages, add commentary, and sometimes even summarise chapters at the end of each of them.

Later, I'd take something like Readwise to scan the highlights, import them to some service like Notion, add my summaries, and create book notes that way.

If you follow the productivity/self-help scene, you'd learn quickly that this is how you should be reading. This is the way. Insert Mandalorian-GIF here.

I don't believe this anymore.

Sea of Thieves Seasons. Launching tomorrow, January 28th. I'm hyped! Time to wake up my gaming-buddies.

Tapbots launched Tweetbot 6 and moved the app to a subscription model. I subscribed.

Twitter is the one social media platform that doesn't bore me. This is due to how I use it. I follow only people I care about, I have disabled retweets for most people and muted many different topics. There's close to no chance that anything that I don't want to see gets through. Why I prefer Tweetbot, it lets you do that.

I gave the original Twitter-app a try for a while. But the number of random ads, weird suggestions and pings left and right are too annoying. It tries to force me to use Twitter in a different way than I want to use it. So back to Tweetbot.

Unfortunately, Tapbots are dependant on Twitter. Nick Heer explains it best:

Tapbots' ability to update Tweetbot is, alas, limited by how fast Twitter builds out its new, more developer-friendly API. For example, while you can now view polls in Tweetbot, you cannot vote in them; it will prompt you to open the poll in the Twitter app if you try. [...] That is perhaps the hardest sell for Tweetbot. Your subscription fee is paying for Tapbots to translate Twitter's API into a really nice app experience, but whatever work they can do is limited by what Twitter makes available to them.

Yet, I still think the experience is superior. I hope Twitter gives them access to some new, fancy shit!

Sony has today announced its most advanced mirrorless camera yet: the $6,500 Alpha 1 features a new 50.1-megapixel full-frame sensor, is capable of continuous photo shooting at 30 images per second, and can record 8K video at 30fps.

What a fucking beast! It's not what I want; I am still waiting for the A7 IV but holy shit. The price too, holy shit! Can't wait to see what it'll be in euros. I'm taking bets for around 8000€.

I consider myself a man of science™. I mostly try to link my beliefs to scientific studies if possible. Not always easy, but I try my best. The linked website summarizes recent findings in a few sentences and then links to the original study. Great website, we all should subscribe to it.

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