The Polyglot‘s Dilemma

If you‘ve been here before you may have realized that some things have changed. There is for one a dark mode. Thanks to Nils and Johannes. But more important: A couple of posts and sites have been translated into English. But let me start from scratch.

German is not my native language. Neither is English for that matter, yet I studied journalism in Germany and had a German blog for quite some time while that was also my full-time job for two years. German is also the very first foreign language I learned as a child.

Over the years I started to lean towards English. Today nearly everything I consume is in English – be it books, blogs, magazines, the news or podcasts. I even write my to-do lists and my notes in English. I planned all the articles on this blog in English before writing them in German. Even my journal entries are in English. ENGLISH!

Yet, when creating this blog, I thought German should be the language I should go with. And that had a very practical reason: I simply thought my German is better than my English.

That may very well be the case. But I decided I had to switch languages, I had to give English a try. And this is why I spent the past days translating some things here and there. Not everything, some stuff will remain in German for the sake of it. (I am fucking lazy.)

But I am happy with the change. I still don‘t know if my English is actually good enough so bare with me. If you see any typos or any weird expressions that I probably translated from another language, feel free to drop me a line.

Let‘s hope I don‘t want to start blogging in Italian in a couple of months.