Wharton psychology professor Adam Grant and legendary investor and billionaire Ray Dalio just came out with the mother of all self-assessment tools, called PrinciplesYou. Dalio is offering it free to anyone who wants to use it. Unlike other such tools, you can use it not only to learn about yourself, but also to better understand your relationships with your employees, your teammates, your friends, and even your partner or spouse. The pair jointly launched PrinciplesYou at the virtual Collision mega-conference this past week.

I am not the biggest fan of these types of tests, and I especially dislike the MBTI. Listen to this podcast to know why most tests are not that good.

Despite my dislike, I still do some of them. They are often fun, after all. But I give them as much weight as I'd give to reading my horoscope.1

PrinciplesYou has piqued my interest primarily because Ray Dalio is involved, whose book I enjoyed.

And if you're interested in my results, I match best with "Inventor", "Entertainer", and "Adventurer".

  1. Though I've never even read my horoscope before.