Privacy Policy

GDPR wants a privacy policy. In plain English. I probably don’t even need one. But yeah, lawyers and their stupid lawsuits. So here you go:

  1. I collect no information whatsoever. I have no remarketing or analytics tool installed. I don’t care who you are, where you are coming from and where you are going to. None of mah business. You also can't comment on my website. Because I also don‘t care about your opinion.
  2. I don't make any money through No ads, no affiliates (I removed them), no newsletter or products. No creepy deals with data brokers. If you want to support me, send me vegan cookies. But don‘t include your address. Or name. That‘s probably not GDPR-compliant.
  3. I don‘t do cookies. The digital ones you can‘t eat. If you don‘t believe me, go away. And install Privacy badger. And uBlock Origin.
  4. Every web server creates logs. Mine does too. Ask Mr. Ubuntu why. But I anonymized the IP address for my logs. It's And no, that is not your IP address.
  5. I use fonts from for fonts and for RSS-feed stuff. To my knowledge they do not collect anything. That‘s at least what they told me. And they better not be lying because that shit‘s expensive.
  6. I link to external websites. That’s how the internet works. I am not affiliated to them. I don't know what they do on their websites. But I will never link to malicious websites. Facebook is one of these malicious websites. Fuck Facebook.

For all the legal blabla, see here.