PSA: No more newsletter on the blog

A little public service announcement to start the day. This goes primarily out to my RSS-readers, of which, I believe, there are a few.

I took the decision not to publish the newsletter on the blog anymore. It didn't work out, I didn't like the way it was presented, and I feel it doesn't fit the blog's theme.

I explain more in today's email (it goes out in one hour). You can always sign up for free with this link. But to give you a tl;dr, I wrote:

To me, my blog posts are a bit more on the serious side, while the newsletter is a bit sillier, a bit more personal, a bit less sculpted. If the blog is the equivalent of a carefully crafted and rehearsed stand-up show, the newsletter is the small, private club where I try things out.
Publishing the newsletter on blurred the line for me a bit too much and just made it feel... redundant? Same same but not very different? So it has to go. Bye-bye newsletter on the blog.

And to be fully transparent, I am also wondering if I want to take my newsletter paid. To quote me again:

I am currently considering to maybe take the Letters of Clio one day paid. Lock it behind a subscription. My goal is not to get rich, but at least cover my expenses.


But before you panic and hit the unsubscribe button: Whoever signed up before the eventual switch to a paid subscription will continue getting these emails for free, forever.

So, if you like my writing, want more of it, and especially for free, you can subscribe to my newsletter here.

Thanks for listening.