Select | April 2021

This is the first post in a series I plan to do on a semi-regular basis. In it, I'll write a few words on things I want to share my opinion on. These may be products that I like but are not worth an entire article, or I plan to write a review at a later date.

I've stolen the idea from Andrew Kim's Minimally Minimal. But as he hasn't been blogging in years now, I doubt he will mind.

Kissa by Kissa Coffeetable Book

A gorgeous book by a gorgeous man. I'm a Craig Mod fanboy and fascinated by Japan and its culture. And since I've recently picked up hiking as a hobby and plan to walk in Japan myself, I had to pick this up.

Craig knows his shit. This book is incredible. The pictures don't do it justice. You have to see it in person to understand it — the typography, the photography, how it's made, how it smells, how it feels. I aspire to one day create something physical as pretty as this.

I regretted not getting Koya Bound when it was still available. Leash and Harness

During the mentioned hikes, I've realized that my current leash solution was sub-par.

While walking, I attached my dog's old leash to a carabiner on my backpack. But this little dog is an energy ball, and she pulls as soon as she sees something of interest. And she constantly sees something of interest. A fucking flower is something of interest. This hurt my back pretty bad after a while, as most of the pull mainly was on one shoulder.

So I got this as recommended by Bruce. When going for everyday walks, I have it across my body, but if I go for big hikes with a backpack, I have the leash around my waist. Way better.

I also got a harness, as this one is of higher quality than what I used before and a little coat. Overall, I'm happy with the quality, and so is my dog. Kinn chair

Thanks to that little pandemic of ours, I have been working from home for over a year. And if it's up to me, I will stay here for long after we all got vaccinated.

But this meant I had to invest in some quality of life upgrades for my office situation. This is why I got Autonomous Kinn chair.

This thing is weird. It's entirely made out of plastic and steel but still feels comfortable despite the lack of padding. But it does look uncomfortable as shit.

Due to its fishbone design, it'll remind you of some more expensive alternatives from brands like Herman Miller. And it's that fishbone spine that has fantastic lumbar support.

I had issues with it at first. In the beginning, the chair pressed the waistband of my pants into my back. Yeah, I know how weird that sounds, but it got uncomfortable pretty quick.

This is not an issue anymore, though. Maybe the plastic of that fishbone was too stiff. No clue. I'm not a product designer.

In the end, a worthy upgrade to my no-name-brand chair from before.

Standing Desk

Another home-office upgrade I got is this standing desk I am standing in front of. And yeah, I get the irony. I bought a new chair to use it way less than the previous one.

To be precise, what I copped, are the automated legs. You can attach these to any surface you own. In my case, I was rocking the Ikea Gerton tabletop from my previous desk.

Installing the legs took around 30 minutes without any help. You should use an electric screwdriver, though.

The legs come equipped with a small motor and a remote you attach to your desk with profiles for up to four different heights. I use two, sitting and standing.

I try to start my days standing for 3ish hours before sitting, and after my lunch break, I stand again, for at least two. My back hurts way less nowadays, but this might also be due to me exercising now.

Great investment, but now I need to fix my cable management. Oh, and you should get a mat or anything to protect your feet. I don't wear slippers, so I'm standing on a yoga mat.

Leica Q2

Before I start: I will write a full review in the future. I also shared some of my thoughts on my podcast. Go listen!

The Leica Q2 is a great camera. I get why people love this brand so much. It's a joy to use, the pictures out of the camera look fantastic (I started shooting JPEG+RAW, something I have never done before), and even the app is fun compared to what I was used to from Sony.

The Q2 is my everyday camera, and on me everywhere I go. I use it primarily to document my life and do some occasional street- and portrait photography. It fits my needs perfectly.

I need more time with it, though, before I feel comfortable enough to write a review. Read Craig's on the predecessor.

Hobonichi Techo

I used to have a Techo a while back. It was the international version, and I loved this little planner. Due to unfortunate circumstances, it got destroyed, and I never picked up a new one until recently.

This time I went with the Japanese version as it goes from April '21 to April '22, and I got mine in March.

If you write with a fountain pen — I do, this is my journal, and I want to feel fancy — you'll love writing in this. The Tomoe paper is famous for being incredibly thin but soaking up ink like a champ. I'm writing a more comprehensive review, in which I'll share more details about the paper.

The Techo comes in several versions and languages. Every agenda has little poems and short stories at the bottom of the page and little checkboxes at the top that I use for some gratitude journaling.

At the end of each Techo, you'll find a whole bunch of interesting facts, as well as some unique pages like a personal Top 100 list, a little page to write short reviews, and guides on how to, well, live? As my Techo is in Japanese, and my Japanese still lacking, I can't tell you what it says. Working on it. But know that this thing is excellent.

I also got the day-free Cousin for my big thoughts that are not bound to any date. Equally great!