The Corporate Trap

I feel most corporate jobs are a trap. You take them while believing you only do it for a little while to pay the bills while working on your arts.

But sometimes, you don‘t actually work on your arts. You’re too tired in the evening. Or you have to finish that one task. Or your boss invites you to an after-hour — “for team building”.

And then, sometimes becomes often. You don’t have the time for silly side projects. You need to focus. You are working on climbing up the career ladder and getting that raise. You have too much responsibility.

Finally, often becomes a death sentence. You are too afraid to do the arts. You won’t make it. You have a stable job. Are you insane trying to risk that? Don’t be stupid.

This never happens consciously. It creeps up slowly, eroding your willingness to create art. We’re a lobster in slowly heating water, not realizing we are being cooked to death.

I wish more people would take detours before deciding to join the corporate grinding machine. That they would risk it, try to work on their magnum opus. Do it when they are young and don’t have families to feed, car loans to pay, mortgages to reimburse, shiny new gadgets to buy. Risk it before they get infected by materialism and capitalism.

It might work, it might not work. But you won’t know if you don’t try. My partner has a beautiful, French saying: “Le non, tu l’as déjà.” You already have the no. Go ask for the yes.