The Letters of Clio #14 — Something new is coming soon

Hello, hello, hello. This week's newsletter will be a short one, and next week's probably too because damn, I am busy! Also, I seem to have messed up the numbering last week. Sorry for that.

I am working on something new, and I'm hyped, excited, slightly stressed and — as usual — my imposter syndrome is kicking in hard. Punch in the face, boot into the stomach style.

The only solution I have to fight this is to keep working, working, working. What am I working on, you ask? A new newsletter!

My new project is called... drumroll please... (I love that name). It's a weekly newsletter summarizing the best in the world of tech and gaming. Here is what I wrote in my introduction post:

Every Saturday, I will send out an email summarizing the most important/interesting/hilarious/weird tech and gaming news of the week and tell you why you should care about them. Or, probably more importantly, why you shouldn't.

And who is this for, you ask? Well:

The tech world moves fast. Really fast. It can be overwhelming at times, and not everyone has the time to follow daily what's happening. I'm writing for these people (and, of course, anyone else who cares about this stuff).

You can find the full article here:

Prologue: And so it begins
Hello, and welcome to You might be wondering: “WTF is this?” Let me explain. tl;dr: A weekly newsletter summarizing and commenting on what is important in the world of tech and gaming. Sent on (which I will shorten with “”) is a weekly

You can sign up for free now, but I will start the whole thing in a week or two. I first need to finish some setting up, get a nice logo to sell stickers and t-shirts (Joking! Or am I?), and change a few things on the backend.

I am excited to start this. I've wanted to write about tech and gaming again for a very long time. So I am scratching my itch here by (hopefully) helping you save some time (and maybe, money).

P.S.: If you have that one uncle constantly nagging you to ask what's new in tech, feel free to send him to