The Letters of Clio #5 — Oh, so tired and oh, such good writing

We have moved. It was a success. We're not entirely done yet, but this place already feels like home. It also feels like my arms will fall off any minute now, and my back will break the moment I have to pick up one more thing from the floor.

I am a very sleepy clio, and these are the Letters of Clio. Welcome!

This move was exhausting. Even if you hire, a moving company — which we did —, moving stays exhausting.

I started exercising earlier in the year, but no matter how many kilograms I could lift on those machines, nothing could prepare for the number of boxes I had to carry.

Alas, I am tired. So tired as fuck. They even made a song describing my tiredness.

Despite living here for exactly a week, I am not used to some things yet. We have a much bigger kitchen with double the storage options. And I can't find half of my stuff. I still don't remember where my espresso mugs are.

Also, I have realised we own a lot of unneeded things. We used to have an attic in the old apartment, which was a black hole.

You put something up there, woosh, gone. Never to be remembered. Never to be seen again.

That is until you move. Then everything reappears, gets catapulted out of the black hole onto the floor of your new apartment. Where it then starts to live. Until you clean it. Or try to. And then find the sixth HDMI-cable and the ninth empty box for… wait, when did I get this? Do I even still own this?!

I think I found my theme for 2022: Deceleration and decluttering. Getting closer to „enough“. Trying to spend even less time on any of the extremes of civilisation and capitalism.

Just use what I have, get rid of what I don‘t need, and have fun while doing so.

And yes, I'll probably blog about it.

But now to the links.