The Mind of Researchers

In close to over a month from now, all over the world — wherever it is being celebrated — a ritual will take place that has been ongoing for aeons. People will meet for Christmas and a selected few will have to help their close ones with tech problems.

The difference between tech-savvy people and those that aren‘t is that the tech-savvy try things out to find a solution. We (I include myself because I am the support guy of the family) don‘t always have the answer, but we are willing to try something out, see if it works and if it doesn‘t, we adapt our methods. And with time, we learn and get more knowledgeable.

Less tech-savvy people often don‘t seem to have these reflexes. They might try something out at first — or don‘t even do that — but will give up as soon as their possible solution fails and call us.

Trying something, failing, adapting the method, trying again, succeeding, learning. That is what we do. That is our advantage. Because we have the minds of researchers. Because we are curious.

And curiosity sparks knowledge. And thankfully, more knowledge sparks more curiosity. It‘s a self-feeding cycle.